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Thursday, June 25, 2009

One of My Website Staples

Grand Hotel le Florence in Nice, France (where we'll be spending two nights)

As a blogger, I know I'm supposed to be "one step ahead" in terms of what I find and share on the internet, but sometimes old things are really worth a post.

Like Trip Advisor.

You all know what I'm talking about, right?

I would be elated if I had the honor of introducing at least one person to the marvel that is Trip Advisor--a website for user reviews of hotels in almost any city imaginable.

Matt and I are trying to book lodging in Paris, Nice, and Athens. Trip Advisor feels so candid and real (almost a little too real sometimes).

My best friend Andy and I used Trip Advisor when we went to Costa Rica a couple years ago. That reminds me--I need to figure out what Andy wants to do for Thanksgiving this year. He and I have a tradition of traveling together (I think Matt is going to see his family in Indiana. Since we're going to see them a few weeks later at Christmas, I think it's okay to travel with Andy instead. Maybe Belize? Definitely somewhere Spanish speaking...I need to practice so I'll be able to communicate with my students' families next year!)

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear ALL about your trip! It's going to be really lovely!

Aarika said...

I totally agree about Trip Advisor. It's like you are reading travel advice from people you know. The comments and reviews seem to be so honest and detailed. I actually look at Trip Advisor before we book any hotel because I want to see what others have to say about it.

Kaitlin Wainwright said...

I've never heard of trip advisor. Can't wait to spend my more browsing it ;)

Roxanne said...

Hey! I see you guys made in on Offbeat Bride! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Before you book tickets...Belize is actually English-speaking!

Anonymous said...

I posted reviews all over the place on TripAdvisor when FI and I went to San Francisco and such (where we got engaged!) I loved it! It was great!

Kaitlin Wainwright said...

Roxanne - was the OBB post today? I can't access it from work :(

That said, Sara--thanks for the heads up about tripadvisor...I'm using it to find a hotel for our wedding night (we're having friends stay at our place and making brunch the next morning). Tourist in my own town, I say!

Brite Lines said...

I agree re: Trip Advisor. Another tip - you can book european hotels online via www.venere.com. I used Trip Advisor for the reviews then Venere to book the rooms. We traveled through Italy for 2 weeks and had no problems with any of our reservations. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

megan said...

Belize sounds awesome! I think it's so awesome that you and Andy travel (and that, rightfully, Matt is ok with it!).

I LOVE trip adivsor. That's how my fiance and I decided to stay at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans for our honeymoon next year. (We had originally planned on Disney but ultimately decided that it was entirely too expensive for a younf couple trying to save for a house).

Erin said...

In Paris, you should try http://hotelresidencedupalais.com/

We stayed there two summers ago, and it was amazing. We made a mistake when booking and got there a night before we were supposed to. We ended up waking up the manager at 2am, and even though he was full, he let us stay on an extra mattress in the laundry room for free. The place is beautiful and inexpensive. There are showers in the room (nice ones, too!) and toilets down the hall. Our balcony literally overlooked Luxembourg Gardens! AND it's very inexpensive. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

(As an aside, I'd also recommend that Paris Museum Pass. It's a little expensive, but you get into tons of museums and attractions for free once you get it, AND you get to skip the line!)

Roxanne said...

@Kaitli- Its today, there are two post and this wedding is the first of the two posts, making it the second one down. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post/callout and very nice follow-on comments about TripAdvisor, and for contributing your own reviews.

Glad we could be of service.

Steve Kaufer
Founder & CEO

Lyndal said...

Belize is English speaking - still part of the British Commonwealth like Australia etc with the Queen on the currency. Um, and about Belize, I have travelled extensively through Central America as a solo female and found Belize to be my least favourite. Hugely expensive (pegged currency) and I always felt quite unsafe. To place in context, I never felt unsafe on my own in places like Mexico City or Honduras.

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