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Friday, June 19, 2009

Paperless Wedding Invitations

2000dollarwedding kindred spirit, Sarah, shared this New York Times article about Paperless Post, a company that lets you send real looking invitations electronically.

Matt and I opted for snail-mail invitations because we like real mail and we wanted to write personalized notes to each of our guests, but we did send electronic Save-the-Dates. I love that this company combines the look of real invitations with the money-saving and eco-friendly benefits of e-mail (only $5 for 60 invitations!).

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zoliepup said...

We did e-dates too... Though we did send real paper invitations at the urging of FMIL. We had no attachment to paper, but since our families did we sent them.

In the end it was fabulous to have something so tangible that we made from scratch... and we saved a ton of money DIY'ing them.

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