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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Matt, My Beloved

Oh baby. They say time flies when you're having fun.

It's really been a year already?

I want to take a second to revisit our proclamation of love and commitment. One year ago today, we stood next to a lake in Colorado, and I said to you:

Matt, I love you because you make me laugh out loud on a daily basis, like when you come up with alternate names for our dog, Hoss, such as Hoss-tage, Hoss of Pain, or Hoss-car Myer Weiner.

I love you because you challenge me to be a better person, like when you made me promise to tell the Penske truck people that we scraped the moving van.

I love you because we create adventures together, like Halloween scavenger hunts or road trips out West.

I love you because you care so much for other people that you inspire all of us to be more caring. You do things like put toothpaste on my toothbrush and leave it out for me or come home on the worst day of winter with slippers and a Chia pet herb garden.

I love you because I smile every time I wake up to you and when I come home to you. We play together, brainstorm together, create together, read together. Your hand always feels comfortable in mine.

Matt, because I love you, I promise to treat you the way you want to be treated and with the respect you deserve. I promise to build trust with my words and actions. I will be your cheerleader, your nurse, your editor, your therapist, your teacher, your student, and your partner in adventure. I will deeply appreciate all of your positive qualities and not let the passage of time dull that appreciation. When life challenges us, I promise to focus on the resiliency of our love. And if I stumble and fail to live up to my promises, I will look you in the eyes, hold your hands, and apologize with sincerity. I will be my best for you.


I love you, baby, and I'm looking forward to another year together!

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Amy Jo said...

Happy Anniversary!

christina said...

happy anniversary! congratulations!!

Rachael Eisner said...

Congrats to the most inspirational couple I know of!

Elle said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary!

megan said...

yay for love!!! congrats on making it look easy!

the un-bride said...

Oh wow! Congrats to you both!! You are both a constant inspiration & a kindred spirit. Here's to a happy yearly trip/honeymoon/any excuse for a vacation!

Michele said...

happy anniversary bobo

Pip said...

Happy Anniversary! Your post made my eyes tear up and my heart sing.

the Lady said...

Oh, that's so beautiful, I'm getting all choked up and such. Happy anniversary to you both!

Sharpiegirl said...


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