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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Diversity in the Wedding Blogosphere

Photo by J Brent Winn courtesy of Plus Size Bride

Carla has been a long-time acquaintance of mine thanks to 2000 Dollar Wedding (Matt actually went to her wedding! I was out of town, but we still have the invitation poster hanging in our kitchen...).

After plowing through the wedding planning process, Carla decided that the blogosphere needed more images of plus size brides. Rather than just complain about it, she decided to actually do something about it. She started Plus Size Bride.

She says:
"I created this blog because one of the MOST disappointing things I experienced as I was planning my wedding was the lack of photos I could find of Plus Size Brides. I want to change that! Let’s make this a place where we can celebrate being a size 14, 16, 18, 20……24….you get the idea...You can participate by emailing 3 or 4 pictures (manageable sizes please!) that showcase your wedding to plussizebride@gmail.com"
Hear, hear! We need more diversity in the wedding planning world.

Head over to her blog to check it out! You can play "Where's Matt" with her wedding photos...

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Atulya said...

Great idea Carla! I thought of "Plus Size Bride To Be" when I looked at pictures of wedding models...
Was Matt wearing yellow?

Sarah said...


I think there should be more wedding blogs by guys personally.

Plus Size Bride said...

Thanks Sara!I love this picture! It's fun to see what everyone is doing and get to see who all was there because it was a big blur by the time we walked down the "isle".

Leah said...

Cool idea! I'm on my way to visit her blog now. :)

Unknown said...

Great idea! There is definitely a need for more plus sized brides in the blogosphere.

anna and the ring said...

Well my boy is writing on "my" our blog! He got a great response for his first post. I'm now waiting for the next one!

Anonymous said...

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