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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Save Green While Being Green"

The Broke-Ass Bride recently announced her newest endeavor: BrideShare--"a social networking community where brides can find each other and save more green while being green."

I'm a big fan of sites that facilitate the reusing of stuff associated with weddings.

She says:
Are you dying for Chivari chairs? Craving manzanita centerpieces? Looking for your dream shoes? Vying for a DIY photobooth? Loving lanterns? These are just a few items that you can share the cost of with fellow brides, with a few simple clicks of the mouse!

With options to search by color scheme, theme, city and venue, you can search for brides with similar taste and style to yours - making finding your perfect Bride$hare buddy a cinch! You can also buy/sell/share on the classifieds, join groups, chat on the boards, customize your profile and more. The possibilites to save are limitless.

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megan said...

Holy crap! That's awesome! I like the slogan, too: "when sharing and saving make a perfect wedding"

It's true. Sharing is important and money is always a big issue, so why go crazy with a wedding that doesn't reflect what a marriage is SUPPOSED to be about?

That being said, we bid on a house yesterday and if we win, we have to scale back the wedding plans significantly. Wish us luck because SAVING might be a huge thing for us very soon. :)

megan said...

"perfect marriage"- oops. i knew it said that, i just had a a brain hiccup there.

Sarah said...

What a fantastic idea! I love the piggy bank bride and groom logo/

Bad Kid Productions said...

Sara, thank you so much for blogging this! It means more than you know, since your wedding really inspired much of our ceremony! Yay for sharing, and saving :)

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