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Friday, August 7, 2009

Contest Winners

Before I announce the two lucky winners of our Envirosax bags, I just want to extend a hearty thank you to the folks from Envirosax for hosting a contest here. What fun!

I was at an educational conference all week (through KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program), and of course I brought my Envirosax bag with me. I used my red Franklin Covey bag as my main professional bag, but when I had to cart all of my workshop packets and my computer cord to a session presentation, I whipped out my Envirosax bag. It's so compact and yet so hard core when it needs to be.

So, without further ado (some of you have probably already skipped down to this section anyway...), here are our two winners:

Ellie Sh. and Tracy St.

Please e-mail me so I can put you in touch with the Enviorsax folks!

Thanks to everyone for participating (it's fun to get comments, even if they are just to win something...) and stay tuned to another contest next week!

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megan said...

Congrats ladies!

My friend and neighbor is a kindergarten teacher at a new KIPP academy where I live. This is its first year, and she is super excited about it. She got me excited about the prospect of creative teaching tactics and we had a lovely conversation about why there are educational gaps in lower-income schools in a public school system in the first place, since all schools are supposedly required to teach the same curriculum.

It was just nice to have a conversation that answered some of my questions about it, while raising some points/questions she wanted addressed by her superiors.

heatherly said...

A non-contest comment (though I have commented on all of those because you have the BEST give aways!)

Thanks for providing this space and sharing your stories. My man and I are getting hitched in 15 days.

When I get comments like "why are you having hulu hoops at your wedding we all think that is weird" I come here and read old posts and remind myself that after 9.5 years of happiness we decided to tie the knot because we were finally strong enough to do it our way.

Then we break out the irrigation tubing, hair dryer and electrical tape and spend on hour with my neice and nephews making hulu hoops for our reception. Good times!

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ heather leigh: What a great comment to wake up too! Thank you for thanking me for hosting contests. I try to only promote things that I would want myself (which is frustrating because I can't enter my own contests!). It's nice to know they are appreciated. Thank you!

Also, your wedding sounds so, so fun (and focused on connection--making hula hoops with your niece and nephews? They will remember that forever). I love what you said about being "finally strong enough to do it our way." It does take strength. It really does. Thanks for the inspiration!

ellieruth said...


I couldn't access the Microsoft Outlook to email you regarding the contest, so I sent you an email from my hotmail account. When I entered the contest I used my fiance's gmail account (Will).

Feels so lucky!!!

Ellie Sheffield

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