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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gifts for Friends and Family Who Help with the Wedding

I get a lot of e-mails from folks asking for ideas about how to thank their friends and family for helping them pull together a wedding. I just had to share these brilliant ideas from a fellow 2000dollarwedding kindred spirit:
I came up with another idea, which I am now doing for all the folks that are contributing their talents. So, I wanted to share. :-) I decided to get copies of The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein to each of the friends that are giving of their talents to help our wedding be lower in cost and more personal. We plan to write individual notes to each person inside the book and I will also be giving them a small aloe plant that comes from a much larger aloe plant that was my great grandmother's. The book is one of my favorite children's books, I work with kids, and the plant is tied to our family and a connection to our history, so I felt it was a great way to give a personal and meaningful gift on a budget.
So sweet! I love the idea of giving a meaningful book and inscribing it with a message. I also love the idea of giving a piece of a regenerating plant. I even think these could work as gifts by themselves. So thoughtful!

Thank you for sharing...

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Mia said...

Nice idea!
And a aloe plan can be useful! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful idea. I think this is very cute and appropriate. Thanks for the idea.

turtlebird said...

love it!! totally gonna steal it!!

Kate said...

As one of the folks that emailed Sara asking for ideas, I thank you! So sweet and thoughtful and still affordable!

April said...

I love this idea. My fiance and I are trying to come up with budget-friendly ideas and this is a great one.

Anonymous said...

Much better then my idea. I was thinking of giving everyone bamboo plants. Cut from a bamboo plant that I've been raising for the past few years. I figure if I can't kill it, then no one can. Aloe is much better and just as hardy.

On a side note, there's actually money trees, which I actually wouldn't recommend getting. I got mine from a chinese store that was selling the bamboo plants. I accidentally killed mine, I hope that it doesn't mean that I'll be poor the rest of my life though. =P

megan said...

i'm making my bridesmaids duvet covers made from a variation of a simple Amy Butler pattern. i have a lot of random fabric, plus i can find fun vintage sheets at goodwill, and thread is super cheap. i figure 10 hours quilt is nothing compared to the hours of stuff i'll be asking them to help me with in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

the reason i chose i duvet cover and not a quilt is because duvet covers require a lot less precision than a traditonal quilt, which has a "quilt sandwich" of fabric, batting, fabric. this requires a ton of ironing and pining, and that is the most time consuming part for me.

Joyce said...

Great idea! :) will consider doing that.

alishaneva said...

Great idea! And I love love love that book!

Anonymous said...

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