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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Honeymoon Itinerary Tool

I received this e-mail from my beloved best friend, Andy, and I thought it would share it with all of you. It might come in hand for your honeymoon or other Annual Adventures with your partner or your friends:
To my traveling friends: Just learned about this new, well-reviewed free service called Trip It. Basically, after you make reservations -- plane, car, hotel, et cetera -- you forward those e.mail messages to TripIt.

It then automatically creates a stunningly beautiful itinerary grouping all of that information and adding directions, weather, maps, and more, all organized by day. It even adds all kinds of great contextual links, like buttons to check in to your flights:

All with no work! You can send that to friends, or link it to Outlook/Google Calendar, and there's an iPhone app and a mobile interface (http://m.tripit.com) to access your itineraries, too.

I just tried it for my upcoming L.A. trip and love it already.

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1 comment:

colleen said...

Thanks, Sara! We're leaving for our extended honeymoon to Ireland in a week (!!!), and this is super, duper fantastic! Another perfectly timed posting :-)

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