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Friday, August 28, 2009

Practical and Budget-Friendly Wedding Rings

Have you seen Kate Szabone's work already? Her rings are simple and beautiful (and made from 100% recycled gold!).


These seem like life rings. You can wear your commitment through cleaning, sleeping, showering, working, and traveling in developing nations.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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megan said...

not to mention, when you get to the point of having children, you won't scratch a baby with a huge diamond while changing, bathing, clothing him/her.

wenders said...

I love these! And amen for being able to travel with your ring.

A Los Angeles Love said...

I love her champagne diamond rings. I love all her practical bezel-set prettiness. Since my ring is of the decidedly unpractical sort, I think I might get myself a small pretty thing sometime in the future, fo when I want a baby and sparkle.

lindab said...

I've got that diamond ring with a different color stone and the stacking bands made by Kate. They're so comfortable and practical. I was worried that the diamond would be pointy or sharp due to the rose cut but it isn't.

The Websters said...

I love her rings as well. However, we did not purchase one b/c she never got back to me via facebook. Maybe there's a better way to contact her?

Does the Dress Fit said...

What a steal!

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