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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Planning Ahead

Last year's Scrabble costume

It's interesting to me that a lot of us take several months to plan our weddings and yet we still rush at the very last minute to accomplish a whole range of tasks.

I think the problem stems from the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.

For example, Matt and I spent a lot of time talking about the alcohol plan for our wedding. We started months in advance. But it wasn't until the final month when we actually made a decision and then took the necessary next steps to finalize the decision.

Don't get me wrong; there's definitely a time and place for talking and thinking through all the options before making a decision. But at some point, there has to be a cut off. You have to switch from planning to execution mode in order to prevent yourself from drowning in undone tasks right before your wedding.

I'm facing this dilemma with Halloween as we speak. I've been planning my Halloween costume for an entire year now. Ever since a woman showed up at my Halloween party dressed as a volcano last year, I've been thinking about making a "Melting Polar Ice Caps" costume. The idea is to make a dress out of white felt with various layers that are attached to each other with velcro. Each layer is labeled with iron-on numbers that indicate a different year. As the night progresses, I peel off another layer and slowly reveal a blue body suit that has polar bears swimming around on it.

But it's time to actually do something rather than just think about it. It's almost October. If I don't get started on this now, I'll end up stressed and totally unhappy the night before Halloween and then sleep-deprived on the actual day.

Enough already!

What are you all going to be for Halloween this year?

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megan said...

YAY! HAlLOWEEN TALK! i loooove halloween.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to be a cute scarecrow (as oppposed to an over-exposed scarecrow, since halloween is veering towards that these days). i found a cute plaid shirt dress and am going to hunt down a pair of "denim" tights. i want to make the straw by sewing hula skirt grass to the appropriate places, and i have a cute pair of black ankle boots i've never worn. i'm going to hunt down a big floppy hat at walmart or goodwill (unless someone has one on here?! floppy hats are hard to find!) and lastly, i'll need to do up my make-up extra big. :)

BUT, we might go to the renaissance festival outside of Houston and if we do, i'll switch it up to a pirate or a masked victorian lady.

Unknown said...

I *love* Halloween and the creative costumes ... so much so that my groom and I are getting married this Oct. 31! We're planning a small affair (50 or so close family and friends), and folks are welcome to wear what we're calling "semi-formal" costumes (to avoid what one of my pals calls 'sexy nurses in pleather' from showing up). I'm dressing as a fairly traditional/vintage bride with my own Halloween twist ---- fancy ruby red slippers and black-and-white-striped tights hiding underneath the gown. We figured it make for a cute pic --- and a little more personality than your standard white satin bridal shoes that I'd never wear again.
I do have a question for your readers -- are any other brides/grooms out there planning a Halloween wedding? I'd be thrilled if you could devote an upcoming post to that topic --- I'm so curious about the different themes/motifs/favors/etc. specific to this fun holiday. I'd be happy to share more details as well.
Thanks for such a useful and inspirational blog!

Anonymous said...

i'm being minnie and my little dog is going to dress up as mickey :)

my dress is this hideous thing:
from forever 21. I'm wearing really opaque black tights and haven't decided on shoe color yet. i already have minnie ears from an orlando trip in january :)

cash is wearing this:

the boyfriend?? who knows. usually he and i dress up together but since i got my pup ... he's chopped liver i guess :) :)

Anonymous said...

i'm going as a flapper - made from 'scratch' not one of those hideous things they sell online - to one party and as alex from flashdance to another...
was gonna make my own princess leia outfit but as you said - the step from planning to executing just never got done and now it'll just be too much work, so it's shelved til next year

Heidi said...

My boyfriend and I always dress up together. Two years ago we were cereal and milk, last year we were super heroes The Flash and Wolverine. This year we decided to become zombies! We purchased a ton of makeup and liquid latex and plan on zombifying ourselves. I found a tutorial on Threadbanger and can't wait for Halloween to come!

Good luck with your costume! I myself am a master procrastinator and can relate to your plight.

Kelsey said...

I love the scrabble and melting ice caps! We were trying to think of a way to be "helath care reform" or "mariage equality" since we care very much about those issues but nothing spectacular has come to mind...so I think we've settled on the tooth fairy (me) and a dentist (the fiance). But I also saw a fabulous wolf costume for a dog on esty and I wondered if our vizsla, Drew, would tolerate it and then we could do a little red riding hood theme...

Sophie said...

First of all, I love the costume, and envy all of you who live in warmer areas as there is so much more Halloween costume options (I'm in Canada and it is near freezing point at that time of the year)

About the planning thing... this is one of the reason my fiance and I decided to elope. We worked on opposite schedule so there was very little time to actually get the things done. The few minutes we would have together in a day, we talked about we wanted, yes, but it was just throwing some ideas in the air, not actually doing anything. We got sick of all this "to-do".

Carmen Wren said...

I really like you're idea and I can't wait to see/hear how it turns out!

I too adore Halloween, however every year now the SO and I are faced with the same problem of wanting to dress up in a truly awesome couples costume and realizing (once again) that we've already outdone ourselves FOREVER.

Three Halloweens ago we had THE GREATEST couples costume of all time and have not been able to live up to it since: I was dressed as Death with a Scythe and everything, while he was dressed as Taxes (slicked back hair, suit, and brief case with "IRS" on it). Parents and children alike were more scared of him than of me. It was spectacular! However now we really just don't have anything left to do. . .

kahlia said...

1. That costume idea for melting polar ice caps is brilliant! I may even have to email my sister (who is crafty-like and would love that idea) and suggest she do something similar. Do you mind sharing with a super-cool girl in Michigan?
2. Those are quite possibly the most adorable little red shoes I've ever seen! (Plus: Scrabble? That's awesome!)
3. @megan (#1), email me and I'll send you a picture of a sort-of floppy hat (that I think you may be able to be beat up a bit to make it more floppy) that I was just wondering if any second-hand or charity shops would take, so I'd be glad to mail it to you! (kahliabear..gmail.c0m)

Hadeel said...

I'm crocheting a Hello Kitty hat and that's about as involved as I can be this year! Next year? Bring it on!

A Los Angeles Love said...

I took your advice last year for last minute ideas and went as a bunch of grapes - purple balloons, green hat with leaves, and done. The only issue was nagivating through doors with so many balloons, but it was a huge hit. I'm brainstorming new kiddie costume ideas now...

Sílvia said...

I love your Scrabble custom, and I *love* those red shoes! :)

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