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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Q & A: Thank You Postcards

Reader Question: The reason for my e-mail is that I would love to do the thank you postcards myself but have a few questions. I have visited the Snapfish website and have looked at the prints section. I have been unable to find the option to do a collage. Any clue where I might find this? Also, can you have them printed on a cardstock - better for writing? I imagine you did not get regular prints. Otherwise they'd be curved and not good for writing or for putting stamps on. Any clarification you can give me would be greatly appreciated. :)

The link for making a collage photo on Snapfish is here! Matt and I had a great time making the photo collage for our thank you cards. The major downside is that we had to wait until after the wedding to make them. It would have been ideal to purchase and address our thank you cards before the wedding.

Matt and I actually wrote directly on the prints (with a fine-point Sharpie) and sent them without envelopes. They were slightly curved, but not annoyingly so. The stamps went on without a problem. Many people are surprised to realize that you can slap a photo on a postcard and dump it in the mail.

Just the other day, I filled a plastic tupperware container with a present, wrapped it securely with packing tape, and took it to the post office to mail. The truth is, you can pretty much mail anything that you can stick a stamp on. Apparently, even a coconut.

Also, if any of you are looking for letterpress invitations or thank you cards that don't obliterate your wallet, check out Target! (P.S. They look much better in person...)

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South Nashville Life said...

I have those exact letterpress Thank You cards from Target. They're gorgeous and were only about $12 for a pack of 50.

Color Me Green said...

whoa that's so cool about mailing the tupperware and smart...didn't know that.

Brittany said...

Not to be debbie downer, but I used those green Target invites and did not get one single compliment on them. They were cute but so thin. We sent out a few after the original batch went out from a different line at Target--husband decided to invite a few more people and bought the cheaper of the two options (still green, but with vellum overlay and a bow) and every single person who got the second style complimented them. The others were ok, but I wish I hadn't gone with them :(

The black swirl ones in the Target "letterpress" collection were much prettier! A girlfriend used those for one of my showers and everyone LOVED them!

Also, printing our stationery at home (invitations, response cards, envelopes, menus, programs) cost hundreds of dollars, mostly in ink. I can't tell you how many times we had to buy new ink. I'm all about saving money, but now I wish I'd had them professionally done. It would've cost maybe a tiny bit more, but would've looked so much better and been less stressful. 8:58 pm runs to the office store for $40 ink cartridges aren't fun.

A Los Angeles Love said...

You can also use photoshop, photogimp (freeware), or other items to create a photo collage and send it to vistaprint for one-sided printing. I feel like there's a lot of inspiration board software that might also work for collaging. I think we might do this, but also keep around a stack of generic thank-you cards before we wedding for any of the months-early gifts we could get. I hate having a pile of work, so I'd rather attack it slowly. If I want to send the collaging card later to the early-thank you folks, there's no reason not to do that too - a thank you for coming card.

wedding chair covers said...

You are right. Target is a great place to get thank you cards.

Unknown said...

we just got the cherry blossom thank you cards at Target -- they really are great & very sweet, considering they are from such a commercial store!

Anonymous said...

As another idea - I found postcard backings...so you can print out a picture from your home and then just stick the postcard backing to it to make the picture more firm and give you the regular postcard feel to it and it can also stand up to international shipping and other far off places. It's pretty nifty...and very price friendly I think. I'm planning on using it for both my Save the Date's and my Thank you cards. http://www.the2buds.com/suph2pc.htm

Belle Renee said...

We used a variety of Target thank you cards (I stocked up on whatever style was on sale at the time). I loved sending out different styles to different people. They all looked so cute!

nikkimatt said...

those were the exact invitations my sister and her husband just used for their wedding!! they are great, and the fact that they are slightly thinner than average helped with printing them out, no mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Vistaprint has (no coupon needed) 100 FREE postcards. You have to pay S&H and a fee to upload your own image but it's still cheap. About $10! They are really nice and firm.

I suggest making the entire card using a FREE software similar to photoshop like GIMP. That way its completely original and you only have to pay ONE upload fee!!

Best of all you can buy postcard priced stamps (unless you do envelopes which they sell as well)

Anonymous said...

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