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Monday, September 7, 2009

Reason #5,892 I Love My Husband

I opened my container of Thai takeout at school on Friday and found this delightful message.

I adore my partner.

Every day I work hard to be the kind of partner he deserves.

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megan said...

that's so awesome. i love it when people do things just to be nice. it keeps the adoration alive.

a few weeks ago my fiance left me a note under my keys when i was having a hectic time. it said all kinds of nice things, but the best was "think about sno-cones. think about watermelons. think about watermelon sno-cones...just don't stress and be happy."

i love him.

Therese T. said...

this is so cute <3 However, I'm usually the more thoughtful one :/

KT My Lady said...

Knowing that your loved one is thinking about you is probably the best feeling in the world, esp. when it's unexpected like this.

Anonymous said...

WE are planning a tree ceremony in our wedding and I saw that you had something similar.How did you do it? Thanks!

Rachael Eisner said...

Wow. See, this little note in your food container tells me that you two will be together FOR-EV-ER (as the boys in the Sandlot would say).

Any human that loves another human as much as a dog loves his backyard; that is a LOT of love chicka! I'm sure he picked you because he knows you will be the partner he deserves.


The Caffeinated Librarian said...

So cute :-)

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