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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ways to Have Fun at a Wedding

It's easy to get a wee-bit obsessed during the wedding planning process. And even though my wedding has come and gone, I am still a tad bit obsessed with how to make weddings f-u-n.

No, making your wedding fun is not the single most important thing. First and foremost, your wedding should be profoundly focused on your love and the commitment you are about to make. That's the main thing.

But beyond that, I love thinking about how to create a meaningful and memorable party for one's nearest and dearest. That's why I'm thrilled with this e-mail from 2000dollarwedding kindred spirit, Kim:
We pulled out a basket full of fun hats and disguises when people were feeling "limber" on the dance floor, and that really got everyone going even more. Also, we rented a segway for the reception. I was skeptical (semi-embarassed) about this one, but it turned out to be an AMAZING part. It was even ridden in for a "grand entrance" down a soul train. Anyway, just thought you might want to add "segway rental" to the list of fun things to do at a wedding. It certainly stole the show.
Take a look at more pictures!

I certainly will have to add that to the list of How to Have Fun at a Wedding. What a creative idea! I would have been the first in line to try it!

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Mia said...

Yes, it could be fun! You just have to take care if you have a train!
You also have a little unicycle (perhaps more dangerous for the non-used to!)

A Los Angeles Love said...

If my partner ever sees this post, I am 99% sure we'll have to include a Segway in our reception planning too. Looked like a great reception from the photos, even before the segway!

Missa said...

That sounds insane, but fun! I hope people have fun at my wedding...grrr...It's so difficult to come up with ideas for fun that don't seem cheesy. Thanks for putting together ideas for us!

Unknown said...

We have decided to have a bounce house at our wedding. Thats should be tons of fun!

Kate said...

As a way to start conversation at the dinner tables and start the laughs, we created some a Mad Libs of our own story and a "How well do you know R&K" crossword and will leave them on the tables with some pencils. We're hoping that some of those Mad Libs get crazy.

Also, yard games - croquet and cornhole.

anna and the ring said...

Simply segway heaven. Love it!

Unknown said...

i love those wedding ideas!

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