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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weddings from a Guest's Perspective

I'm so excited to attend my friends' upcoming wedding. Wheeeee!

As a guest, it's not the centerpieces, bouquets, bride's dress/shoes/hair/makeup, favors, etc. that have got me excited. It's the following:
  1. I get to take a trip to the hill country with Matt. I'm looking forward to a mini-vacation.
  2. The groom is going to wear a kilt, which seems to indicate that that couple isn't afraid to let their authentic selves shine. Should be fun!
  3. The food sounds yummy: barbecue (with vegetarian options) and beer.
  4. The dress code specifically recommends that we wear our dancing shoes. Hooray!

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megan said...

what a cuuuuute invite and RSVP. looks like so much fun! it's always nice to see something completely different and exciting.

speaking of invites, i have to gush! i just found some fun invites that i'm excited about: message in a bottle! these bottles are actually mailed through the mail, and the invite is rolled up inside. since we're having a nautical theme, i figured it'd be perfect. (they sound expensive, but, with postage, add up to about $3 an invite...anyone who's perused invite sites knows that's not half bad!) anyway, i hope it sets the tone that our wedding is going to be a good time. i have a lot of fun/unique elements planned and i don't want people to DREAD going.

Dianne said...

This is hands down the best invitation I've ever seen. They are getting married on our one-year anniversary and I wish I had thought of this for our invites (although I loved ours too!). Sigh. I'm thinking I'll be stealing this idea for an anniversary party!

megan said...

btw, TOTALLY jealous you're going to shiner country. have a beer for me!

Plus Size Bride said...

Mmmmmm....love Shiners (although the new smokehouse one is a little odd by itself. Great with BBq though.)
If you have enough time check out the lavender farm....http://www.hillcountrylavender.com It's about 45 minutes from where you will be but I've heard it's cool

Mia said...

Cinema... great idea! And really nice RSVP and invite! Kudos for them!
And nice for the veggies :-))

the shoppe owner said...

What fun invites! I'm sure the wedding will be awesome, too.

Joshua + Katie said...

Awesome invites! What type of paper were they printed on?

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ K.Cain: They were printed on the kind of paper you would use for one of those sturdy, full-color advertisements that gets put behind your windshield wipers while you're in the store. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's kind of glossy.

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