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Monday, September 21, 2009

Whitney + Craig

Matt and I had a fun trek to the Texas Hill Country this weekend to attend our dear friends' wedding. Even though we got disturbing reports from our pet-sitter via text message ("Hoss is now humping the cat and his lipstick is coming out"), we were delighted to have a weekend away.

Since I can't help but look at weddings through a wedding blogger lens, I thought I would take a moment to share some wedding wisdom I garnered from Craig and Whitney's wedding:
  1. Recorded Music: While we were waiting for the ceremony to start and during the processional, they used a PA system to play some of their favorite music. It was lovely! Honestly, it sounded like live music to me. It was way cheaper than live music, and it worked out perfectly.
  2. Make sure people can hear the ceremony: They used the same PA system to set up a microphone for the ceremony. I very much appreciated being able to hear every word.
  3. Meaningful Readings: They chose a variety of readings, ranging from Darwin to Buddhism. The more unique readings really made me think about the nature of love and challenged me to think through aspects of my relationship with Matt. I promise to share the exact titles and links once I get them!
  4. Bridesmaids dresses: Whitney let her bridesmaids pick any style black dress. The effect was still aesthetically coherent (for those of you who are going for that effect), and yet it was kinder on the bridesmaids, since they got to select dresses that flattered their body type, fit their budget, or perhaps came straight out of their closest.
  5. Lots of different cakes and pies: Yum! I very much appreciated being able to taste different cakes and pies. This approach is becoming increasingly popular. It's potentially more budget-friendly, and it provides more variety for the guests.
  6. Skip the traditions that don't mean anything to you and embrace the ones that do: Whitney had "something borrowed, something blue," as well as a hay penny in her shoe, but she and Craig skipped the wedding hoopla that didn't have meaning for them. No garter or bouquet toss. No first dance (although Whitney and her dad danced when he walked her down the aisle during the ceremony and they got to the end of the path). It was a nice reminder that there are no "must-do's" or "can't-do's" involved with planning a wedding.
  7. Maintain a sense of humor: Whitney and Craig seemed to be fully present and enjoy the wedding as their authentic selves. Whitney laughed when she got a bug caught in her dress, and Craig maintained his good nature as he fielded questions about what he was wearing under his kilt.
It was nice to step out of wedding blog land and attend an actual wedding! Thanks for inviting us, Whitney!

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megan said...

his "lipstick," lol. i've only heard my best friend and i call it that. that's funny.

sounds like a pleasant wedding! the bouquet toss has always seemed a little hokey to me, so i decided to do have all of the couple stand up and have the ones married the longest receieve the flowers. i think iread that on here, but i'm not sure. i just love the idea of honoring all of the married couples in the room.

yikes said...

PLEASE don't talk about a dog lipstick, I have had a horrible image in my head all day thanks to this post.

meag said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the readings...sounds like something I would like to incorporate too!

Unknown said...

Being a Dutch bride getting married to my American fiance, AND being on a tight budget, I love to read your blog! Especially this post, it seems to be about our wedding next year ;)

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