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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Announcing Your Engagement

This weekend, a letter arrived in the mail for Hoss. It was from his great-grandparents.

They were responding to the fact that Hoss has been sleeping in a really small chair, all curled up into a tight ball so he can fit. They sent a letter to Hoss explaining that there are better sleeping options for dogs, including nice, comfy dog beds. They sent pictures of multiple options.

I decided to use my digital camera (just a regular Canon point-and-shoot) to take a video of myself opening the letter and reading it to Hoss.

Then I popped my SD card into my computer, loaded the video into Picassa, and then uploaded the video to YouTube. Finally, I sent everyone in the family a link to the video.

The whole process was quick and painless. It made me realize: How cute would it be to make an engagement announcement video and e-mail the link out to friends and family? Or even a Save-the-Date.

Of course not everyone on the invite list is tech-savvy and not all electronic options will work for everyone. But it's easy enough to provide a phone call for those folks.

Has anyone seen this done? Does anyone have any links to share?

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rebecca leigh said...

There's one on A Cup of Jo that a couple did using The Graduate... I haven't seen the movie, so I'm probably missing out on some of the joke, but it looks like it's something that's very "them."


Lucy said...

i've been reading your blog for a while now and i just had to comment. that pic of your dog is adorable - i love how pets always seem to end up in the weirdest places! hope you have a good one:)

E. said...

We actually went to great lengths to announce to all our close family members and friends in person, which was amazing. I would have loved to do this with our other family members and friends that we just sent an e-mail to though! It seems so much more personal and would be a better way to convey excitement.

Emily SW said...

My husband is a video editor, so we made a video save the date (which is eco-friendly, beyond being awesome). We had a friend take a bunch of pictures, which he set to one of our favorite songs. It was a big success. On our guest list, even many of our great aunts are computer-savvy. In fact, we could only think of about 3 people (out of over 200) that might need help accessing the video. We had our moms/other relatives help them see it.


Unknown said...

We did this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcfwuY9k7vQ Tragically, it is now missing the soundtrack, but I promise the Old 97's "Question" is worth a download anyway... People really loved it, and said they showed it to other friends/coworkers who don't even know us! (We also called a lot of people, but this let us tell our extended circles of friends in a fun way)

Unknown said...

Perfect post for me to ask for your help! Your doggy can come live at our house whenever you go on holidays.

I would REALLY appreciate any help you or your readers may have for us! We are trying to do our wedding on a $5k *Aus* budget.
I just did a mock up of the expenses - Ouch, we have over done it by $2668!

Please please please help us with your brilliant ideas!!!
(I've broken down the budget on my blog)


bikeadmin2009 said...

I have no idea who this couple is, but it is an awesome wedding invitation.


Belinda C said...

I know I've seen it done, but don't have the link. I do however have the link to the coolest wedding invitation invite I've ever seen! And I'll share it with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KQy_0cS7MM

You have to see it!

Stella said...

This was a friend's save the date. Hope you can see it.


A. Sobol said...

This is a great one I came across on the Offbeat Bride website.


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