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Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday Song

This cracks me up. If you're reading this blog at work, just put the volume really low so you can watch it. Very cute.

Dance song at your reception, anyone?

Happy Friday!

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megan said...

the original recording makes a very popular song at the reception. it's very high energy.

Unknown said...

We are going to use the original recording for the bouquet toss and the Stripper by David Rose for the garter toss. We are very excited about it!

A Los Angeles Love said...

J and I LOVE it. This was a perfect happy friday video/song. So happy Friday, Sara!

Niki said...

pomplamoose makes me so happy!

lauren said...

love it!!
thank you for the smile!! :)

Ophelie said...

Great cover! I've watched the video a bunch of times already, it's catchy and cute.

The Princess and the Pea said...

Hope everyone had a great weekend

The Princess and the Pea said...

That was the wrong link!!!
Check this out Brides to be

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