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Friday, October 9, 2009

Party Idea

Photo courtesy of Progressive Pioneer

I love this party idea courtesy of Progressive Pioneer: Make-Your-Own-Natural-Spa Night!

They made their own beauty concoctions and treated themselves to an evening of pampering. Sounds fun!

Bachelorette party anyone?

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Therese T. said...

Sounds amazing!

Amy of Progressive Pioneer said...

I love your site and the idea to "downsize" the wedding. They can get so crazy! I've never regretted that we did ours really simple and just focused on the really important stuff. Did you catch this post (http://www.progressivepioneer.com/progressive-pioneer/2009/08/wedding-carnival.html) about the wedding carnival we held when we got back from our honeymoon?
Congratulations and here's to a great happily ever after!

Unknown said...

sounds great - thanks for sharing!

For all things fashion:

Unknown said...

very thnxs this bachelorette party looks sweet for me!

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