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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Crashers

Okay, okay. People have been asking about the wedding crashers at our wedding.

It's a boring story, really, but since you asked...

Here's how the events of our reception progressed (including wedding crashers):
  1. We started by eating appetizers of homemade guacamole, seven-layer dip, and salsa (as well as totally unhealthy but utterly delicious nacho cheese from a can).
  2. Then dinner was served and we helped ourselves to black bean and corn salad, make-your-own quesadillas, and fajitas.
  3. When folks finished eating, Matt and I grabbed our portable microphone and did a brief little speech to thank everyone for their contributions to the wedding ("It takes a village" kind of thing). Then we invited everyone to help themselves to the cakes. Yum!
  4. Then we moved to the flagstone patio and performed our first dance.
  5. Then we invited others to start dancing with us--to music provided by our trusty iPod. I danced for a good, long while. At some point, the vibe turned into more of a frat-party feel on the dance floor, so I moseyed inside. I played a faster version of Scrabble (involving the tiles, but not the board), looked at video of the wedding with my mom and aunt, hung out with my best friend in the living room area, and then wandered out to the campfire. On my way to the jacuzzi, I noticed a group of unfamiliar people walking toward us. I said, "Are you wedding crashers?" They said, "Kind of." Matt's good friend, Noah, introduced himself as the groom and me as his bride. Then he started digressing on some long story about our wedding, so I left them and got changed to go into the jacuzzi.
And that was that! I really don't know who they were, where they were from, or what they wanted. They looked harmless enough.

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megan said...

see, my big question was, how did they end up there? i mean, you rented out the entire B&B....

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ megan: They just wandered in! Maybe they heard the music or saw the campfire going from the street. That was the craziest thing; the B&B was pretty isolated. Even though it was right on the road, the road itself was pretty remote. Maybe they lived nearby. I have no idea! I'm still pretty surprised that I was so indifferent to the whole thing. I think all our planning leading up to the event allowed me to just switch to "be in the moment" mode. I was confident that everything was in its place and that it was no longer my job to control anything. It was my job to completely and utterly enjoy it.

PT Crusader said...

We had wedding crashers at our wedding a month ago. I was excited about it. I told my brother and he offered to "say something to them." :-) I later found out they visited the bar and were asked about being crashers from one of my closest friends. My mom was standing near the bar and simply said "Awesome." I took it all as a compliment at how fun our party was.

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