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Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Talent Shows

Weddings focused on community, commitment, connection, and fun make me so happy. Yippee!

Like Betsy and Iya's. Here's what Betsy has to say about it:
I have never been a woman who thought or said hyperbolically, “My wedding will be the BEST day of my LIFE!!!!!!” That’s why it feels funny to admit that the entire weekend had me smitten indescribably-in-awe … and it actually was one of the most memorable times in my life (and hear me out…it’s got A LOT to compete with). It wasn’t just the strength of our love that had me, it was the ineffable feeling of support and love and joy seeping from every corner of every room and every tree and every single person who graced us with their presence. It wasn’t just a union between me and W. It was a celebration of all that is good in the world—shared by all of my favorite people in the world. That is what love is to me. And this wedding was pure love.
And they had a talent show for their rehearsal dinner. It takes a special set of friends/family to pull this off (either talented or audacious--or a combination of both). What fun! I'm going to store the talent show idea in my "Big Wedding Anniversary Party" file.

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Unknown said...

I love weddings that incorporate the talents of family and friends. It really makes a difference. As a guest, I would much rather be entertained by people who are close to the couple than by someone who was hired. At my wedding, my little cousins Irish danced and everyone was going nuts! Then, they made me get up and Irish dance in my wedding gown (I was not planning on doing it at all, but we had a blast)!

The Sapphic Housewife said...

Talent shows are great in part because you often end up learning something new about your friends and family (Who knew Susan was an aficionado with the flaming baton?). They also get everybody talking, which I think is one of the major goals at a big party like a wedding.

Irish dancing is so much fun with a big group. It's also usually my go-to whenever I get roped into a talent show, since I don't know how to twirl flaming batons.

Liz said...

We did this the night before our wedding, but we decided to call it a "creativity night" instead of a talent show... we found that a lot of people were scared away by the implication of competition that comes with a talent show. "Oh, no, sorry, I don't have any talents," they would say. Obviously this was bogus, but I think it was a lot easier for A LOT more people to take part when we stressed that it wasn't a show or a competition, but just a fun celebration and a chance to share more of ourselves with the whole group. It was hilarious, inspiring, live-giving, and touching. And so much fun! It helped that everyone was in costumey flair, as well!

Marina said...

We had a talent show and it was amazing! Everything from my parents and brother and aunt, who practiced the song medley they played will in advance, to the woman who always keeps her bellydance stuff in her car just in case, to the friend who did an extemporaneous blessing/prayer. People really participated enthusiastically (regardless of talent!) and it turned out to be one of the best community parts of the day.

If other people do a talent show, I'd recommend lining up two or three enthusiastic performers in advance, and having pre-wedding parties where it can be a subject of conversation. I think several of our performers only decided to do it after the third time they were asked, "What are YOU doing in the talent show?" Once someone hears that all Uncle Billy is doing for the talent show is that silly elbow trick he's done at every party for the last fifty years, they realize they can jump up there too. :)

cedar hope chests said...

Wedding is a family affair! I would love more the wedding if the people who are going to perform are part of the family than someone who is hired.

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