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Friday, November 6, 2009

Matrimonial Bed: Making the Switch to an Eco-Friendly Wool Comforter

Photo courtesy of Holy Lamb Organics

Please don't tell any potential burglars this, but Hoss isn't much of a guard dog.

The other night, Matt came home late from a weekend road trip, and Hoss didn't recognize him when he entered the house. Instead of barking ferociously (which he can do quite well, thankyouverymuch) or lunging uncontrollably, he simply ran into our bedroom, jumped on the bed, and started peeing.

And boy does our big dog have a big bladder. (I'll spare you any further details...)

Matt and I decided to start looking for a new comforter to replace my 9-year old trusty companion. (Editor's Note: I should've spent a minute investigating how to clean a down comforter before jumping to the conclusion that it was done for--argh! I feel so wasteful...although I did reuse it by stuffing it into my dog's ever-flattening dog bed).

I started researching eco-friendly options. Of course they are more expensive, but I'm an advocate for splurging on things that you spend a third of your life using (I am the kind of girl who needs eight hours of sleep a night, thankyouverymuch).

I came across the idea of a wool comforter, which seems to have all sorts of benefits. It's naturally mite-resistant. It regulates temperatures really well. It wicks away moisture. Sleeping on natural materials has been known to produce positive physiological results.

Better yet, I found a super-small company in Washington that makes them. They had me at pictures of their sheep. I'm smitten!

I had to talk my overly-frugal husband into taking the plunge into the $349 (plus shipping) sea. I hope we like it. I can't seem to find anyone who has experience with wool comforters (even on Facebook--gasp!). The only downside is that the company has recently been swamped with orders and we won't get until late November. Drats.

We allocate $200/month toward home improvement schtuff, so we're basically spending October and November on a comforter. I'm fine with that, since the thing should last for a very, very long time (like marriage!).

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megan said...

i got natural, unbleached cotton batting for a quilt i made my fiance for his birthday. we sleep with it every night, and it is neither too hot nor too cold. natural fibers just tend to be "breathe" more easily, and definitely makes for a more restful night, in my opinion.

don't forget to tell us how you like it!

Mary B. said...

It's probably not quite the same thing, but my dad was given a wool Hudson's Bay blanket when he was in college, and it lasted twenty five years with extremely heavy use. (I remember my mum cutting it down to make baby blankets for our daycare kids, and then the baby blankets eventually became vests and slippers and hats.)

Last year I was given my own Hudson's Bay blanket for Christmas, so we'll see how my blanket lasts. I'm hoping to break my Dad's record and go for thirty years.

Ice Pizza said...

Hope Hoss doesn't attack it again. :-D Anyway, since you're getting it at the end of November, you might as well consider it as a Thanksgiving gift or early Christmas present for yourselves, so you don't feel guilty about spending on that.

tatgeer said...

Mary B. -

We use a Hudson Bay blanket all winter. My grandparents bought it, probably in the late '40s or early '50s, and I suspect it's been in near constant use ever since. It's a little small since we upgraded from a double bed to a queen, but it works well enough that it's hard to justify getting a new one. :)

kirsten said...

So long as you aren't allergic!

senior dating services said...

my dad also was given a wool Hudson's Bay blanket when i was in college, and this is so eco friendly

Rachael Eisner said...

Well, I'm glad Hoss had an accident. Now you have an awesome blanket. He's just SO cool!

Anonymous said...

I have a down comforter, but here is some information on wool comforters. Best

Unknown said...

I went to Colorado Cleaners at 2990 Larimer when my cat was left in our bedroom accidentally all day (door closed) and made an accident. They charged about $23 to clean my queen-size down comforter and did a great job! Other places I had called charged $55-65 and said they'd take about 2 wks, but Colorado Cleaners had my comforter ready in 2 days.

divorce support groups said...

well my dad also was given a wool Hudson's Bay blanket when i was in college, and this is so Eco friendly

Robin said...

Are wool comforters not super itchy? I can't wear wool or even cashmere because it's too itchy. So I'm curious!

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Robin: The wool is inside an organic cotton case and then we put that inside a duvet cover, so it is not like wearing a wool sweater. However, little wool fibers do poke up through both the coverings. When I thought it was dog hair, it drove me crazy. Once I realized it was wool, I barely notice it any more (I know I'm weird!).

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