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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Plans (a.k.a. "When Your Budget Forces You to Compromise")

There's no doubt that sticking to a $2,000 budget forced us to compromise on some of the smaller details:
  1. Our inexpensive venue (a B&B off the beaten path in Colorado) was adorned with stuffed moose (at least they were the toy kind and not the taxidermy kind)
  2. We had to settle for panther stamps on our postcard invitations rather than the customized photo stamps I wanted to buy
  3. My dress wasn't the most flattering of the potential dresses I could've chosen, but it was only $15 (and it provided a good canvas for making it unique)
  4. We had to get a lot of our ingredients for self-catering from Sam's club rather than local and/or organic vendors (although we did buy quality meat from Whole Foods)
The kind of compromising we had to do to stay within our ideal wedding budget was the same kind of compromising that happens in non-wedding planning life. (It's just that for some reason, everything gets blown out of proportion and perspective when it's related to wedding planning.)

Once again, I find myself making compromises based on our budget.

Originally, my best friend and I were going to travel to Belize for Thanksgiving break. Woo-hoo! 

And then we realized that plane tickets were astronomical and that they had no intention of going down (even though we watched them for months and months!). 

That's when we came up with a back-up plan: a yoga retreat in the Berkshires

And then we realized that plane tickets to the Northeast were also astronomical. 

That's when we came up with yet another back-up plan: make our own yoga retreat at my house in Houston. 

We'll be indulging in homemade spa treatments, doing yoga with my video, cooking healthy meals, and getting massages. 

In the end, all will be well. We'll have quality time for conversation, relaxation, and rejuvenation (and there will be plenty of time to travel: definitely Big Bend and Marfa for spring break, British Columbia for two weeks this summer, and maybe the yoga retreat in June). 

Compromises aren't so bad after all...

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miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

That sounds like a great plan... who needs Belize? Happy relaxation and thanks for the healthy meal blog, there's so many amazing recipes on there!

Color Me Green said...

no they're not, sounds like my travel compromises this winter. first i was going to go to argentina, but flight prices made me decide no. then i considered the caribbean, but it wouldn't have been that much cheaper than argentina. so finally settled on a long weekend getaway in the mountains, at a rad and cheap b&b with a hot tub :-)

Christine said...

Ooh hope you have a fun at-home yoga retreat. It sounds great! If plane ticket prices happen to go down in the future, do treat yourself to a retreat at Kripalu. They're expensive, but wonderful!

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