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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guest Post: "Bridesmaids" Gift Idea

by Maureen

I wanted to pass along this thought. We did not have "bridesmaids" or "groomsmen" in our wedding, but I did have a special few girlfriends whisk me away to a cabin by a river for a pre-wedding hen party. At the time I felt like I should get them something to show my appreciation, love and friendship. At that point, weeks before the wedding I was pretty DIY'd out. But I really hated the idea of buying "things" for them, and a lot of the the ideas I found online seemed to suggest that ugly, cheap, matchy matchy jewlery was the way to go. Ugh, no thanks.

But I received a gift from one of those dear friends recently that occurred to me would be the perfect token to give someone who had taken some extra time to help with your wedding. It's a small book called The Better World Shopping Guide by Ellis Jones. The book ranks products from A-F in categories like coffee, cosmetics, gasoline, dairy products, seafood, meat alternatives, etc. It sort of complies everything into a small purse-sized guide for the socially conscious consumer. It retails for $9.95, so it's not a huge hit to the wallet.


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miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

Great tip! I feel like I'll probably also be DIY-ed out by the time making gifts for the bridesmaids comes around, so this is a great alternative.

krista - urbanite jewelry said...

i don't just love this as a bridesmaid/groomsmen gift...i love this in general! i've always thought it would be wonderful to have a handy guide (physical or electronic) like this to make conscious & informed consuming easier! this is perfect! thanks sara!

BEL said...

great gift idea! i've been struggling to figure out how to thank the girls who are planning my bachelorette, etc. this is a great idea!

Davanie said...

Awesome idea! For the ones that are environmentally conscious it saves them time on reaearch and for those less 'conscious' it hopefully open their eyes a bit and realize the power of their dollar. Thanks for sharing.

Brite Lines said...

Glad this is helpful!
I guess my one word of caution in recommending it is that if you're an uber environmentalist and the recipient is not, it may come off as kind of preachy. That said, I'm sure an accompanying note can easily tone that down. :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought this for myself and am now planning to give it to all like-minded friends as birthday (or other occasion) gifts this year. Thanks!

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