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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guest Post: Wedding Time Capsule

By Stephanie

I wanted to share something we did at our wedding that was super cheap, fun and focused on the future of our relationship rather than the wedding DAY: We had a time capsule. We gave each guest a piece of paper that read, "Write a message to Kevin and Stephanie to be read on September 5, 2019, their 10 year wedding anniversary." We also had a part at the bottom where people could make predictions about what our lives will be like in ten years: how many kids we will have, where we will be living, and how many skydives we will have done. (We are both avid skydivers). We didn't peek and we will get to read all of our family and friends messages for the first time on our ten year wedding anniversary!
Your turn: Do you have something you want to share with 2000dollarwedding kindred spirits? Maybe you want to write a post about how to DIY your wedding invitations or you want to share a profound realization that helped you approach wedding planning a little more sanely. Maybe you want to write about the name-changing dilemma or a creative idea for making your wedding more eco-friendly. If so, e-mail me your idea. for inspiration, check out other guest posts. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

I LOVE this idea! What a fun and meaningful way to get your guests to participate... not only on your wedding day but in your entire marriage. Thanks for sharing!

jes [a mountain bride] said...

this is a RAD idea!!!

Newbie and the Murr said...

such a cool idea!

Kelsey said...

I have also heard of having the couple write letters to their future selves to be opened on a certain anniversary. I think it sounds like fun to try to predict what your lives will be like in 5, 10, and 15 years. I really like this time capsule idea!

christa elyce said...

i like this idea! not too expensive. okay so i'm getting married and i'm about to post my theme really soon...all i know right now is that my dress has got that 1950's diner look...all ivory white supah fine material!

i have some ideas of what i want...but i certainly want the challenge of getting as close to free as possible. any suggestions on how to acheive my wants (on my blog) the DIY way?


Anonymous said...

I love this idea too, I was going to forgo the whole guestbook thing (knowing full well it would just collect dust and eventually be thrown away) but if I adapt this to just our First wedding anniversary then it would make a wonderful way to celebrate it, eating our frozen cake and opening letters from friends and family!

Beth said...

wow, that's a wonderful idea!

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