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Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes, They Can (Pun Intended)

This couple is collecting and recycling enough aluminum cans to finance their $4,000 wedding. So cool!

I thought about doing something similar to raise money for our honeymoon the year after our wedding, but I never got past the brainstorming stage. I love that they are melding their environmental passions with their wedding planning.

You can read more about the project or how to help on their website or follow their progress on their blog.

Pete and Andrea, I'm wishing you the best with your can collection, wedding planning, and marriage! (and please report back to us about how it goes!)

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Tracy said...

I love your site and have been following it for almost a year now. I share it with all my girlfriends who are getting married. I love your other site too. Any chance of linking to your teacher blog (I'm a 2nd grade teacher).

By the way, I read this blog through RSS feed and it's not updating. I thought you might want to know.

Brittany said...

Love this idea!!!! Humm..... now I'm brainstorming hahha

Bria & Spencer said...

now thats the way to do it! I read a while back of a couple who was accepting online donations from strangers/family/friends for their wedding fund and I thought it was sort of tacky. this is great on so many levels!

CDC said...

That's awesome! I hope they can do it!

A-L, said...

What a creative idea. Hope it works!

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Tracy: It's saracotner.wordpress.com but be forewarned that it is my least-updated blog! (I think it's because I do school for 10 hours a day and I would rather spend my free time blogging about weddings and life!). I will try to check into the RSS thing. Thanks for the heads-up!

Wedding Cans said...

This is Andrea of Wedding Cans! Just wanted to give you an update - we're at 88.5% with 6 weeks to go until the wedding. It's been crazy, but we have really appreciated your blog and are reading it very regularly.
Thank you!

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