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Friday, February 19, 2010

Collecting & Developing Ideas

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Happy Friday to All!

I don't have too many big plans this weekend, although I am excited about our monthly Time Bank get-together. We're going out for pizza and bowling. Hooray for old-school fun! I also have to take an ESL certification test tomorrow (so sad I can't sleep in!), and I'm looking forward to attending a stress management course on Sunday. One of my big goals for the year is to learn how to better manage stress. As the Indigo Girls say, "It's only life after all."

Here's a list of some of my inspiration from the week. Enjoy!
  1. I love how DIY wedding projects can turn into an opportunity to spend time with friends. This description on cakies of making bunting flag invitations (you know I have a thing for bunting!) made me smile. It's a reminder not to undertake DIY projects alone! In fact, while you're there, you might as well read all of her most recent posts. They include lots of beautiful and ingenious ways to show your love for someone (think a sewn love letter and different types of kisses).
  2. This post about rules from A Practical Wedding is a must-read. Even if you've already read it, it's worth reading again. So liberating!
  3. Progressive Pioneer featured an artist who lives in a mountain homestead with her partner and baby. It reminds me of the "Power of Two" that the Indigo Girls sang about. When you put two people with big dreams together, you can dream even bigger. Hooray for partnership!
  4. Apartment Therapy listed ideas about how to make a centerpiece out of anything (see photo above). It might provide a little out-of-the-box inspiration.

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old sn said...


I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I added a link to it on my blog Look To Beauty | A Vegan Blog

I'm planning a wedding for July 17. We're aiming for $3,000 so your website has given us some great ideas.

Therese T. said...

Good post; I'd like to get certified in ESL and Montessori; managing the class on my own was hard today, though :/ I have to be able to keep cool! Also, Jess and I are keen on TimeBank-ing :)

Discount koozies said...

great. We can reduce expense for wedding and sped more for honey moon. So great! Thanks for your sharing!

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