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Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Letter Tradition

Folk Art Birds Note Cards from Peter Pauper Press

Matt and I have never been the couple who goes all out for each other on Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because my birthday is so close to Valentine's Day, which seems very close to Christmas, which seems very close to Matt's birthday. We're kind of out of inspired ideas for each other by the time the official Holiday o' Love finally rolls around.

So in place of gifts, I think we are going to implement a new tradition:
  • Writing each other a love note: We're going to do this as part of our Valentine's evening, so there's no pressure to make time to write a letter before Valentine's Day. We'll have a quiet evening with take-out and time to record some sweet thoughts for each other, in each other's presence. I'm looking forward to it!
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

2000dollarwedding kindred spirits, what do you have planned for Love Day 2010?

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ellbee said...

I made my guy cozy fleece pj's using this tutorial

It was surprisingly easy. Now I need to find time to make some for myself!

KEQ said...

we planned a bike picnic but it is supposed to keep raining here (portland) so we were are either going out to bonneville dam to watch sea lions or going to see a movie at the 3$ theater.

i love the love note thing though!

Anonymous said...

We're going to shoot a ridiculous short film. I love being light-hearted and creative together while creating a lasting memory.

christa elyce said...

mind if i use this tradition idea? it's sweet and darling...

Therese T. said...

I got him a print from Etsy, but the day itself, and this weekend actually, we will be visiting his ailing grandparents, one of which is in end-stage Alzheimer's. So I think it's kind of nice that it falls on Valentine's weekend for us to do that. Then for President's Day, we might do a tasting menu (omakase) at Nippon :)

Anonymous said...

My partner and i always write eachother letters beforehand, and we make really corny small gifts, really corny, last year i baked him cookies and this year i made him a message in a bottle. It reminds us that we not those people that scramble for a reservation a super expensive restaurant only to spend the evening in an overcrowded full of people trying to be romantic by spending lots of money. I really like our little tradition and i'm really looking forward to valentines day

Anonymous said...

On that note, i saw the saddest thing yesterday morning: a very poor elderly man from the nearby informal housing area; he came into the grocery store to buy some bread and i saw him looking at the valentines display table, with all the big toys and fake roses and cards, i could see him looking carefully at all the stuff, finally walking away knowing he couldn't afford it. I wonder if that man felt like he couldn't live up to what he "should" do on valentines. I wonder if all the fancy toys and cards made him sad. It made me sad looking at him, and i realised i wouldn't buy anything either.

megan said...

bought his wedding ring. :) i'll give it to him before he goes to work for the evening...then it's prob a wine soiree with my single girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

We usually cook 3 course dinner for each other (we take turn every year), but this year we weren't prepared so we ate KFC for dinner on our living room's rug... pretending that we're having a picnic.

I wrote him a love letter as it's our first Val's Day as hubby n wife. He then responded, which is very sweet.

I love these simple things rather than boring expensive flowers and expensive dinner out (which is not so romantic)

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