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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creating What We Need

Image courtesy of Sabrina Ward Harrison

I'm currently enrolled in a Mondo Beyondo course about living the dreaming life. I came across this quote that I keep going back to again and again:
"We must create what we most need to find."--Sabrina Ward Harrison
As I think about what I most need in my life (community, connection, joy, analytical and passionate conversation, parties under the stars, pure food from the earth, meaningful work, friendship, love, family, picnics, blue skies and trees, creating, writing, and neighborhood interdependence), I am reminded that our weddings are an opportunity to create what we most need to find.

What do you most need to find?

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Elizabeth said...

What do you think about the Mondo Beyondo course. I was thinking about doing it this session also but was unsure. Any thoughts ?

A Los Angeles Love said...

I've been considering Mondo Beyondo too - I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

And thank you for your thoughts on that quote. It's really what we're striving for too, and the wedding has been an overall catalyst for our lives together.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sara, please share your thoughs on the Mondo Beyondo course!!!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing quote... I've been pondering it a little bit since I read the post yesterday.

How do we know just what it is we most need to find? Do we need to know what that is in order to create it?

I think I'm going to make a list of things I need in my life like yours and ponder this some more. And will look at the Mondo Beyondo site too.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi All! I've enjoyed the Mondo Beyondo course, but I'm struggling to keep up with it every day. Also, it runs counter to the way I usually think about things (for example, I like to set big goals and then plan all the smaller steps that will help me accomplish the goal, while the Mondo Beyondo course advocates more of a put-your-dreams-in-a-bottle-and-float-them-out-to-sea approach). However, I appreciate immersing myself in a different approach, and I adore the women who created it.

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