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Friday, March 5, 2010

Guest Post: E-mail Save-the-Dates

By Christina

I wasn't planning on doing save the dates until we planned our wedding on a weekend that most people go out of town for (Labor Day).... so against all my wishes I set out to look for some cheap save the date options. I wasn't happy with Evites as I think that site is a little bit too 1990's clip art.....and then I stumbled upon pingg.com.

OK - AMAZING. I really want to tell every couple-to-be, ever, to use this website. The invites are actually good looking, uploading contacts was super easy, they show you all sorts of information as people receive them--and it's FREEEEE.

They have e-cards and e-invites (the invites manage a guest list and RSVPs for you, while e-cards are just sent out). ALSO, with a click of a mouse you can ask pingg to just send the cards out for you snail mail. Give them the address, and they stuff it in an envelope, stamp it, and send it for you (this in not free however.) I just sent mine out yesterday and everyone seems to like them. Can you believe this is free?? I think I might do my invites through here too.

Ok - rave completed!

Christina is a recent college grad who is planning a wedding while trying to open her first business (a local-foods cafe!). When she's not working she's singing along to Neko Case, going for joy rides on her scooter, and finding the best salted dark chocolates the city has to offer.

Michael is a national sales manager in the lawn & garden industry, but he'd rather be playing D&D with his friends. When he's doing neither, he likes to make Christina's day a little brighter.

It was flirt-at-first-site four years ago when Christina decided to move to San Francisco. She interviewed with Michael's household to be their new roommate. She didn't get the room then, but we're fine with it! Four years later Michael proposed to Christina while on a walk through a vineyard in Calistoga.
Your turn: Do you have something you want to share with 2000dollarwedding kindred spirits? Maybe you want to write a post about how to DIY your wedding invitations or you want to share a profound realization that helped you approach wedding planning a little more sanely. Maybe you want to write about the name-changing dilemma or a creative idea for making your wedding more eco-friendly. If so, e-mail me your idea. for inspiration, check out other guest posts. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Mallory said...

Thanks for the tip Christina. I checked it out and it has been added to my wedding planning bookmarks! The photography they use is great and their guest management system seems really professional. What a great option!

Anonymous said...

I want to second Christina's suggestion - I've used pingg before for birthday parties and it really is awesome. Plus, you can upload your own images!

leslie said...

I've tried to find this design on pingg.com but I haven't found it. Is it under the wedding invitations or another category? (they're super cute btw)

Tree Huggin Momma said...

10 years ago I planned a 250 guest wedding for $2000, its doable, and it looks like you are on the right track. Skip the bric a brac and focus on the event being fun. Would have liked to keep the wedding a bit smaller than it was (as my family wasn't attending - except my folks, grandparents and sister - no aunts, unlces or cousins could make it), but DH's family is large and primarily lived in the area we did so that was half my guest list right there.
We used silk flowers, had a friend who worked at a printing press and printed our invites for the cost of the paper. The food was buffet, and I even paid for my bridesmaids dresses (all 8 of them, my mother made them and they all looked lovely), my mother in law sewed and paid for all the mens vests and capes (did I mention it was a ren theme?). We had a blast and people still talk about it, might have been the 96 degree day and the knight in armor, but hey it was memorable and most of all fun. Good Luck

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