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Friday, March 19, 2010

Ideas for Having Fun at a Wedding

One of the best weddings I've ever been to was at a Children's Museum. It was simply so much fun to play with the bubble machines, climb on the vertical mazes (see photo above), and talk into the echo-tubes.

Matt and I also wanted to saturate our wedding with fun, beyond the standards: drinking, eating, and dancing (although we definitely wanted those, too!). Over the course of two days (both our reception and the Welcome Picnic on Friday), we incorporated the following fun activities:

1. Cooking S'mores around a campfire
2. Soaking in a hot-tub
3. Playing volleyball
4. Offering a swing dance lesson
5. Playing board games (e.g., Jenga, Scrabble, Uno)
6. Playing horseshoes

I keep adding to a list for other couples who want to introduce an element of fun into their weddings, too:

7. Taking pictures in a photobooth
8. Playing lawn games (e.g., Bocce Ball, Croquet, Badminton, Horseshoes, etc.)
9. Jumping on pogo sticks
10. Having a hula-hooping contest
11. Doing a scavenger hunt
12. Playing BINGO
13. Hosting a talent show
14. Hiring a fortune teller, palm reader, etc.
15. Playing middle school games (e.g., tetherball, kickball, dodgeball, hopscotch, four-square, etc.)
16. Playing ping-pong or pool
17. Competing for prizes (e.g., potato sack race, bean-bag toss, etc.)
18. Making big bubbles
19. Playing card games (e.g., poker, rummy, hearts, uno)
20. Playing Frisbee golf
21. Playing charades or pictionary
22. Renting an air-hocking table
23. Offering chair massages
24. Busting open a pinata
25. Eating fondue
26. Making crafts at a craft table
27. Renting a juke-box
28. Playing casino games
29. Sidewalk chalk
30. Graffiti wall
31. Hosting a parade
32. Contradancing
33. Renting a segway

Please add any additional ideas in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Jumping castle (bounce house); talent show; row boats if you get married next to a body of water; snow cone machine; rent a candy floss machine; charity work day; wine tasting (with little comment cards and all); ...?

Sarah said...

We're having Wii Sports at our wedding!

A-L, said...

Limbo contest! I'll think of more later.

Kelsey said...

Our wedding favors are Frisbees! They will say "What a catch! Kelsey+Chris" Our wedding is two weeks from yesterday, getting so excited!

Rachel said...

Sara - Off topic, but did you see this on APW?


She wants someone to write a how-to for her site on self-catering, and I thought of you. I know you're a busy girl and you're having to manage your already packed schedule so I don't even know why I'm bringing it up. I just think.... you've already written it in all of your wedding recaps.

Anyway, just mentioning. :-D

Unknown said...

Flying kites & bobbing for apples!

Cove Girl said...


Kelsey said...

I love the hula-hoop idea! I think we'll get some to have around at the wedding. Flying kites is awesome too!

J. Bella said...

Lol that's awesome! Our Aunt was letting us use her outdoor fire pit for our smore bar and I've got dominoes and cards for black jack and poker =) good stuff.

julie/smartassbride said...

+ karaoke
+ crayons and butcher paper tablecloths or placemats to color (for everyone, not just the kids)

Sarah said...

Hiring a pony for the kids to ride? Yeah, my dad did that. It was pretty sweet, and the kids loved it!

Gretchen said...

We bought the groomsmen foam swords, so we had many, many swordfights that happened throughout the weekend;)

Anita Vaughan said...

Fantastic post - I love your ideas. And all these comments are great too. I can only add that fun songs can really add to the party vibe. Try: "I Think I Love YOu" by the Partridge Family or "Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch to get people singing along.

Andemonium said...

First of all, thanks for providing inspiration and confidence for planning my low-budget-but-high-times wedding last year! I check back in with your blog periodically just for kicks. :)

Anyhoo...at our wedding, we decided to have disposable cameras on all the tables so we could later see the event from everyone's perspective - not just a photographer's (though we had a filmmaker friend do that, too). When we got them developed, to our surprise: One of the cameras was hijacked by our 6-year-old son, and he took pictures of everyone and everything he wanted! But he planned his shots and chose his subjects well, so they were SUPER funny. Two other cameras were hijacked by one of my best friends, and she went around having everyone make their best funny face! My husband and I were rolling on the floor when we saw them! And everyone we talked to remembered those moments fondly. Perhaps an idea for a bridesmaid to spearhead?

Also, another few girlfriends of mine brought their hoola-hoops (unplanned) and everyone had a blast trying them, from grandmas to little girls, and all the men in between! One of my favorite pictures of the day is me in my wedding dress, hoola-hooping. It was a really, really fun party! Thanks for letting me share.

Happy Planning, Everyone! :)

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