Tying the Knot in a Meaningful and Memorable Way (Without Losing Our Savings or Sanity)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Your Help

I get lots of e-mails with prefaces like, "My budget was over $2,000 but..." They always make me a little sad. I want to look the person in the eye and say, "You don't have to preface your idea/insight/question by explaining your budget! I know that different couples work to find budgets that work for them. And besides, the budget is just one piece of planning a meaningful and memorable wedding without losing your savings or sanity."

When Matt and I started this blog back in December of 2007, we named it 2000 Dollar Wedding because we wanted to use our budget to prevent us from kowtowing to the wedding machine. If we only had $2,000 to spend, there was no way we could become convinced that we absolutely needed chair covers. Wedding magazines featuring $2,000 dresses? Useless. It meant that we had to ignore all the consumer static that surrounds weddings and instead focus on what really mattered to us. It meant that we had to get creative and tap into our friends and family in a way that strengthened community and made the whole thing a lot more fun.

Our budget became our personal challenge. Then, when we decided to move from Denver to Houston right after our wedding, our budget became a necessity. Although we could have spent more of our savings on our wedding, we wanted to funnel those funds into a down payment for our first house.

We could have tapped into the generous support of Matt's family, but factoring in the opinions and preferences of family members is hard enough without actually giving away decision-making power by accepting financial contributions from others.

In the end, we did manage to stick to our budget. But our wedding experience (and the wedding experiences of others who continue to inspire this blog) is bigger than just our budget. It's about community, commitment, connection, and fun. It's about tying the knot in a meaningful and memorable way without losing your savings or sanity. It's about starting with the big picture of what you want your wedding experience to be and planning backwards from that vision (instead of dwelling in too many details and completely stressing yourself out). It's about resisting all the pressures that tell us what a wedding HAS TO BE and instead creating a wedding that is what we want it to be. It's about planning a wedding that strengthens your relationship and marriage instead of overshadows it.

So, long story short, I'm thinking about renaming this blog to capture all of that and I need your help. If you have any ideas for new titles, please e-mail me. You are seriously smart and creative people, and I would very much appreciate your input!

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