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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Power of Two

Photo by Photos for Life

I've been taking the Mondo Beyondo online course about dreaming big, and I met a delightful kindred spirit, Krista. She and her partner, Steve, are buying a Volkswagen Westfalia and driving across the U.S. and Canada for three months. They leave this May.

How is that for the Power of Two? I can't wait to read their travel blog: Dandelion Express.

While I've been taking the course, I've been pushing Matt to dream big with me, since I wholeheartedly believe that shared dreams can be more powerful than individual dreams. It's been hard because he perceives it as an attack against our current life together. I try to explain that for me, planning the future is not an indictment against the present.

We finally had a breakthrough this past weekend at a small Mexican restaurant in Austin over a breakfast burrito and migas. I'll be writing more about it over at Feeding the Soil later this week if you're interested.

What shared dreams do you and your partner have?

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Carla Michelle said...

i found you via MB and krista (she's lovely!).. i think your blogs are wonderful and am hoping to get into event planning--this is wonderful inspiration--hooray to dreaming and starting again today:)--

Sara Sheehy said...

Our dream is to live the life that fits for us, that makes us happy, and that gives back to our community. A lot harder than it sounds!

Unknown said...

hi i just found your blog from wedding cabaret. me and my soon-to-be husband have big travel dreams. we want to visit as many countries and places we can like australia, greece, canada, new zealand, etc. we also want to see all 50 states. we'll see if this works out when we get married!

Vee said...

Mmm, migas in Austin. My favorite place to get migas is La Feria on Lamar & Oltorf (former South Austin girl here).

My mouth is watering but unfortunately stuck in Pennsylvania. THANKS! =P

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I are going on a 6 month trip to India and SE Asia after we get married. Travel is one of our largest/most important shared goals.

jillybean said...

Simple things like owning a piece of land to make our own and to have to skills to nourish ourselves: growing food, building sweet spaces, and being creative contributors within or community.
Some days, we get down that we haven't chosen the "money-making career paths" (he leads americorps folks in a national park and I am farming and doing environmental restoration), but we have to remind ourselves we have chosen skill-building paths.
Thanks for your words.

Angie said...

Your readers are amazing! Just reading those comments is inspiring and heart-warming. I think my fiance and I want what everyone else does, happiness, love, a long life, a good foundation for future generations. We haven't really conjured up any big dreams, but we always talk about inventing something together or owning our own shop (deli, donuts, ice cream... there aren't enough of those in Baltimore.)

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