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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Write Your Own Wedding Ceremony Script

Every once in a while, I like to post my ongoing collection of wedding scripts for your reading pleasure! (If you want to share yours, please e-mail me!)

  1. Sara & Matt of 2000 Dollar Wedding
  2. Ariel & Andreas of Offbeat Bride
  3. Kat & Justin of Weddingbee
  4. Jen & Shell
  5. Peonies & The Boy of Peonies and Polaroids
  6. Katie & Paul of A Backyard Wedding
  7. Hope & Ben of hippie dippie bebe
  8. Katie & Katie
And here's a play-by-play of how Matt and I wrote our own ceremony, in case it's helpful.

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Angie said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for this! We are also having a friend step in as our celebrant. Josh was raised Jewish and I was raised Catholic, so the ceremony is something we were hoping would magically work itself out somehow. Still not sure if our ceremony will take any kind of religious route, but we're definitely not afraid to take a spiritual one.

Phoebe said...

It's hard to plan a meaningful ceremony that is long and interesting enough to be significant.

Thanks so much - this will be so helpful in planning!!

Andrea Marie said...

Wow, thanks for posting this! We're having my fiance's uncle marry us who just became a town judge not too long ago. We're his first wedding ceremony and this is of course our first (& only!) wedding, so we're all new at this. So it's nice to have some other people's ceremonies to read to get some ideas. I'm also not too sure on the whole play by play of the ceremony (who walks when, who talks when) so this will help a TON. Thank you thank you thank you!! 101 days til the big wedding bash..eeeee!

Sara Sheehy said...

Well that was perfect timing! Heading to New Hampshire next weekend to do some wedding planning, and we're writing the ceremony with my sister!

Me said...

Our ceremony is entirely DIY -- no priest/officiant/etc. We're getting married at the courthouse the day before, then having our "real" wedding with our family and friends. Everyone at the ceremony will have a part, performing (as it were) the role of an officiant, which reflects our values of community and family. Much better than having an officiant, with whom we have no connection, lead one of the most intimate moments of our lives!

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