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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sending Happy Marriage Wishes Your Way

Two weekends ago, Matt and I went for a run at Memorial Park. We don't run together because he is fast and--let's just say--I am not. However, we go our separate ways and then meet back up after 40 minutes to go eat breakfast at our favorite park in Houston.

As Hoss and I were running* (er, trotting) together, two women passed me. I could hear one of them say, "...was the best thing I've ever done."

Sadly, I didn't get to hear the rest of her thought (she was another one of those fast runners), but the snippet of conversation inspired me to ask myself the same question: "What was the best thing you've ever done?" Before one part of my brain could even finish formulating the question, the other part of my brain blurted out: "Marrying Matt."

And I smiled at that very happy thought.

Enjoy your Monday!


*If you run with a dog, I highly recommend looping the leash around your waist and through the handle, so you can run completely hands-free. It has revolutionized my life. I use a gentle leader because otherwise Hoss would pull too much. The combination works perfectly. If you're thinner than I am and think the leash would slip over your hips/butt and to the ground, you can use a big binder clip to block the leash from slipping down. I've tried that and it works well, too.

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Angie said...

the best thing i've ever done is follow my heart. it definitely paid off because I met fiance, Josh.

Mary Cyrus said...

The same is true of my marrying my husband, and I know he feels the same as he tells me so quite often. :) It's a lovely feeling.

As for looping the leash, I've tried that with our Halti (like the Gentle Leader but with a safety clasp that also hooks to their collar).. but my Great Dane can still take me for a ride that way. All the same, I'm used to walking him with the leash fairly tight in my left hand with a bunch of slack held in my right, so I just give him a little more slack and off we go. :)

Bri said...

Stunt Puppy is a company that makes hands-free leashes in Minneapolis, MN. They're really nice for running with your dog because they have elastic so that there's some give but nothing sagging or dragging. And there's a buckle-in belt so it's easy to get in and out of. For dogs that pull more it's a really nice option!

Nerdlove said...

Just wanted to point out, because I made the same mistake recently on MY blog and a friend pointed it out to me - marrying, not marring, because you probably didn't scar him for life.

Otherwise, YES!

And thanks for the tip, when we get a dog this fall I'll have to remember it.

Sara said...

Too funny! My fiancée and I do the same thing. I'm not slow, per se, but he is insane. He thinks a seven minute mile is "jogging" (riiiiiight).

I love your dog idea, but as a public service announcement to all those out there, know your dog pretty well before you do this. I use a gentle leader on our one dog that pulls, and she can still knock me off my feet while running if attached at the waist. Nothing like scraped knees and chin! Not to mention the ego bruise.

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