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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Centralized "To Bring" List

The ongoing "To Bring" list is my savior. Seriously. Pretty shortly after Matt and I started planning our wedding, we started a tab in our wedding planning Excel document called "To Bring." By the time our wedding rolled around seven months later, we had a comprehensive list ready (I think I only forgot my bathing suit).

The trick, however, was to keep the list in a centralized location and to add to it whenever we thought of something.

So, in that spirit, I'm going to create a centralized "To Bring" list for our Annual Adventure (affectionately referred to as Honeymoon #4). In July, we'll be flying from Houston to L.A. and then renting a car to drive from L.A. to Big Sur, San Francisco, Red Woods National Forest, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and into the wild of British Columbia. We'll be gone for two weeks. I can't wait!

It's going to be tricky to bring everything we need on the plane with us, especially since we'll be hiking a lot. Hmmm.....

Let's see:
  1. Running shoes: These can serve dual duty for exercise and hiking. They have pretty good traction, and they are more comfortable than my bona fide hiking shoes.
  2. Sports bra
  3. Running clothes
  4. Pony-tail holder and bobby pin for running
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Sunscreen
  7. A blanket for picnics
  8. A tent
  9. Sleeping bags
  10. Pads to sleep on
  11. Lantern
  12. Books
  13. Computer + charger
  14. iPhone + charger
  15. Clothes + underwear + one pair of shoes + socks + pajamas
  16. Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner + soap + face wash + comb + toothbrush + toothpaste + floss)
  17. Writer's Notebook
  18. Travel guides
  19. Camera bag (with camera, charger, and cloth)
  20. Car charger for electronics
  21. Water bottle
  22. Passports
  23. Scrabble

Shopping List (when we arrive in L.A.)
  1. Almonds
  2. Fruit
  3. Stuff to make trail mix (healthy cereal, chocolate chips, raisins, and peanuts)
  4. Dried fruit
  5. Water

I'll inevitably think of more stuff before we depart, so I will continue to update this list!

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone else use Google Docs for things like this? It is basically a web-based rudimentary version of Microsoft Office--you can make word documents, presentations, and (I'm pretty sure) spreadsheets. They are stored under your Gmail account online, so you never have to worry about putting files on flash drives or e-mailing them to yourself or others. You can share the link with others to edit or just view. I keep all of my to-do and to-bring lists on there now! It has saved me on more than one occasion :)

Trista Maye said...

Really great tip for the unorganized, scatterbrained soul that I am. You might consider buying your liquid toiletries once you get to LA, though, since you already have a shopping list. I know 3oz of shampoo wouldn't last me that long, and airlines are pretty nazi-like about the liquids these days.

Anonymous said...

Wetwipes! They make me feel so civilized in the middle of the bush hiking, haha, i always think they so handy. Ooh and buy toilet paper when you there, and plastic bags, everyone always forgets toiletpaper.

Maureen said...

Have you ever used platapus water bags? They are so much easier to travel with than hard-sided Nalgene bottles which take up a lot of space. Just fill 'em up when you get to where you're going!

A-L, said...

If you haven't bought your plane tickets yet then you may want to consider Southwest. Each person gets to check-in two bags for free, which might help you to get all of your luggage out there. Or it might help you to bring souvenirs back.

Kourtney said...

If your going to be in LA on a Sunday, I would totally check out the Hollywood farmer's market to get all of your camping foods. I'm sure you'll love Cali! Have a great trip!

Ms Bear Cub said...

oh-mah-gah that pic is gorgeous. I bet you can't wait! (I'm guessing that's BC - isn't british columbia breathtaking??)

My husband is flying A LOT for work over the next two months, culminating with me meeting him in Japan. Lists for traveling are always my savior! I've even gotten him making some lists :).

Jennie said...

You might want a rain jacket or umbrella because the coast up here can get the occasional bit of rain, even in July! So even if it's summer, you should have layers to keep you warm (especially once the sun goes down).

Also good to know - lots of places accept US currency, but they will either give you a poor exchange rate or simply take your money at par. So, the best is to go to a bank (currency exchanges are ok too, but banks give the best rate).

Don't forget to pack your passports or you won't get back into the US when you leave beautiful BC!

If you're camping you should pack matches, a lighter or some other tool to start a fire!

You should also check out the web site for BC Ferries. If you are coming to Vancouver Island they have something called the Coast Saver fare which is cheaper mid-week fares. So try to do the ferry ride on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to save at least $20 each way!

Anonymous said...

Definitely without question take a small survival kit.. i cant tell you how many people in south africa go hiking and end up getting just a little lost and end up dying from exposure.

always carry the following with you
- space blanket / poncho
- rain jacket
- bandages (wrapped up and waterproof)
- matches (waterproofed in plastic)
- energy bars
- water

Sam and Becky said...

Trader Joe's! A great place in Cali, for your dried fruit, nuts, and trail mix. That place and Whole Foods! Both health food stores with fun alternatives...

Anonymous said...

We did a similar trip from San Fran to Seattle a few years ago. We have a few friends in Eureka (Humboldt county CA) which is such a great pit stop (right outside of the Red Woods).

I STRONGLY recommend stopping and spending some serious time on the Oregon coast. Newport and Depoe Bay are quiet, low-key, gorgeous, and have plenty of open beach to walk on and see sea lions and starfish. Portland is fine but the Coast blows Portland out of the water.

Have a great time!

Claire said...

I love this idea. I am having a duh moment. I am one that makes lists all over the place and then can never find them. I need to learn from you and put it all in one central place. Thanks for sharing.

Onnie said...

Totally old post, Sara, I realize...but have you ever looked at www.onebag.com? There's probably no way you can avoid checking luggage if you and Matt are bringing a tent, but this site still has great suggestions for how to slim down you packing load and focus on the essentials. For me that was particularly useful in going to Kampala, so that I was able to check our medical equipment and textbooks that we were bringing to donate...and then not freak out when our checked luggage was lost for three weeks, since all my clothes were in my carry on & backpack!

Have an awesome trip guys!

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