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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Annual Adventure Itinerary

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions about places to go and things to do on our next Annual Adventure. We are so looking forward to it!

Here's what our final itinerary looks like:
  • Arrive in L.A. in the evening. Pick up rental car and trek to our friend Rachel's house for the night.
  • Head to Big Sur after breakfast. Camp at Andrew Molera State Park
  • Drive from Big Sur to Muir Woods (stopping in Santa Cruz to eat at the Saturn Cafe), staying the night in San Francisco
  • Trek from Muir Woods to Patrick's Point State Park in Northern California for camping
  • Drive from the redwoods to the Oregon coast to stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel (and splurge on the communal dinner!)
  • Trek from the coast to Leavenworth (taking a detour through Portland and eating at the Chat House for lunch); staying with dear friends that night
  • Trek from Leavenworth, WA into British Columbia for four days of wild fun
  • Drive from Vancouver to Seattle and stop at Cafe Flora for dinner
  • Drive from Seattle to Eugene and stay with friends
  • Trek from Eugene to Oakland and stay with friends
  • Drive from Oakland to LA. and stay with friends

It should be a good combination of camping, staying with friends, splurging on hotels, hiking, resting, seeing new sights, and eating good food.

Unfortunately, last night, Matt pointed out that every single one of our camping trips has ended in disaster.

First, there was camping at Enchanted Rock the night it snowed (it rarely snows in Texas!).

Then there was camping in Utah where there was a serious infestation of the hairiest, biggest mosquitoes we had ever seen (despite the most intense wind that kept blowing our tent over). We tried to let Hoss sleep in the car with the windows half down, but in the middle of the night, he started howling because he was getting bitten so badly.

Then we tried to camp in a remote area of Oregon. In the middle of the night, we heard gunshots, decided to pack everything up, and drove until we found a moldy Motel 6 that accepted dogs.

Then we camped in Northern California at a beautiful spot where the redwood forest met the coast. But Hoss peed in our tent.

Then we camped in Big Bend, which was awesome, except the temperature dropped way lower than we expected and we nearly froze ourselves into hypothermia.

But I am not discouraged. I like sleeping outside. I really do. We just need to camp more so that we bring down our statistical disaster average, right?

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Angie said...

Love the positive spin! That's the spirit!

You're annual adventures sounds awesome. Have a wonderful time!

Stacy Marie said...

Eugene is a running geek's paradise...please go on some runs through those luscious forests and tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you!

Jessica said...

I have a feeling this will be your year of disaster free camping :)

Ms. Bunny said...

I love camping. But the thing about camping is, it's not really camping unless there is some sort of disaster. I've never had a completely smooth experience and I've been doing it every summer since I was a wee one.

Beth said...

This sounds like an amazing trip! I just found your blog and am loving it...my boyfriend and I got engaged on Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur two weeks ago! A must stop if you have time...also Nepenthe's view is amazing, and the Big Sur Bakery is delicious! Have fun!

CB said...

Hi Sara! Long time reader infrequent commenter here...

I just did 4 days backpacking in the Enchantments at Leavenworth the other weekend. Dude! It's RAD!!! Are you going to backpack there? You should. If you need help with the planning email me. Oh, except they don't allow dogs.

Also I live in Vancouver! It's lovely. If you need hiking recomendations, let me know.

And can I just suggest that you and Matt would LOVE Bellingham, WA? It's litterally on the drive from Vancouver to Seattle, so you at least have to stop there for lunch while you're on your way. I'm being a bit presumptious here...but I read your blog so I kind of know you in a way. You'd love it.

Tonia Conger said...

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Cara said...

How fun! You'll be visiting my new neck of the woods in Newport (currently in the midst of relocating from Vancouver, WA). The hubs and I will most likely be living in Depoe Bay, about 15 minutes north of town. I've totally met people from the online world before, but feel shy asking to meet you in person! Anywho, we'll most likely be on the coast for good within the next week or so if you want meet an internet stranger, feel free to drop me a line! Cara :)

The Accidental Bavarian said...

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Meghan said...

Where were you in Utah? We really have very few bugs!! Except near Zion NP I have seen some beasts there. Your current adventure sounds ridiculously fun.

Anonymous said...

I went camping with my brother one time... there ended up being two tornados that night, one about 3 miles away and one less than a mile away. The temp also dropped to 37F that night. It was late April in the south, I expected a storm... not a freeze!
I recommend bug spray and not camping in the winter... Can't help you with gunshots or doggy pee!

Emily said...

Sounds like a great trip. Keep the spirit. This will be the trip to turn your average around. :)

Unknown said...

Sylvia Beach is my favorite B&B in the WORLD. Definitely splurge on the dinner--it is not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

I go to school in Eugene, OR and it is beautiful, I am sure that you will really like it. If you have time check out the campus (it's lovely) and Hendricks park, it is a few blocks from campus and has really pretty forested hiking trails.

Mia said...


Yes, you have to go on and that could be only better !
Good luck !

Regann Dee said...

We just took a trip to see the redwoods too. Most amazing thing ever. If you have enough time & are feeling very brave, take the PCH from up north to LA. It does add hours on to the trip and the driving is intense BUT you will see the most insanely gorgeous views of NorCal!

Newlywed Blog

Gretchen said...

I LOVE that you've included eating at Chat House! It's the best Indian food outside of India!

Nicole said...

You will be in my neck of the woods! I will have to second the fact that you will LOVE Bellingham - and I think it would be a great stopping point between Leavenworth and Vancouver (that is quite a stretch, especially if the border crossing is backed up!). So you should at least stop for lunch :) My suggestions would include: go to Fairhaven and window shop, have lunch at Skylarks and then ice cream at the Colophon (and don't forget browsing at Village Books!) OR go downtown and have lunch at the Bagelry and ice cream at Mallards next door.

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