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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY: Dress Applique

Finally! I've been waiting for an opportunity to attempt something like Kimi's amazing wedding dress ever since I saw it oh-so long ago. For a while, I coveted a J.Crew dress to use as my base, but it was too expensive. First of all, I might botch the entire thing, and therefore don't want to invest too much in this project. Secondly, Kimi's wedding dress only cost $68, so I think it's appropriate to maintain the budget-minded spirit.

Enter, a cheap black dress from Target. Perfect! I'll be going to a gala at the beginning of August, so it will be the perfect place to wear my dress (assuming it works out!).

Here's what Kimi has to say about her process:
I went to fabric stores and in the dusty basement of one found a kind of flocked velvet backed with acrylic. If it had been regular velvet, or any other normal fabric, the edges would have shredded with the thin delicate shapes I was planning. There aren't really any DIY instructions because they would have to say "Be an Artist and Graphic Designer Like Me," which isn't very helpful. I just took a pair of scissors and went at it—but there are tons of patterns on the web that people could trace. I cut out hundreds of leaves and vines and animals until I had shapes that looked good. Then I took the clean dress and laid it out on the floor and began arranging all the pieces until I got a pattern I liked. Then the hot glue gun came out (superglue also works I discovered later, and I was too lazy to even try fabric glue).

So I need to find some velvet backed with acrylic. Hmm...

Also, I think I will need to draw some designs on paper and use those as a pattern for cutting out the fabric. I seriously doubt my ability to freehand such a project...

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hizzle said...

i LOVE that!

Stacy Marie said...

That dress is just breathtaking, and I'm excited to see how your attempt goes! Have you thought about using fusible interfacing instead of super glue?

Ms. Bunny said...

What if you find a velvet with a pattern embossed into it? You could follow the pattern on the fabric instead of trying to create your own. Just an idea. It's also possible there might not be any designs you like.

Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] said...

That is so great! Good luck finding the fabric, I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh I've been in love with this dress since I saw it last year. I still carry pics of it on my wedding flash-drive even though I'm out of the inspiration stage :)

I would love to see making-of photos! I want to do it to my wedding dress after the big day and make it even more re-wearable then it already is.

christena said...

if you're not super artsy you should consider using a cricut machine. you might have seen the infomercials... anyway, it's not the cheapest thing in the world $199-300 (i know i know, but hear me out). BUT if you have a Michaels store near you, you can sign up for their monthly "crop" night and use one of their machines for $5! The machine has a special "thick" blade that can cut through most anything, including vinyl and if you're using it at the store, you can pick from a gazillion different images including a plethora of branches or little swirls or flowers or whatever! The crop night this month is on the 30th (it's usually the last friday of the month) and THIS MONTH IT'S FREE! any other month it's $5, or free if you can show proof that you've spent $10 on scrap booking materials.

- a bride who had the luck of working at michaels while planning my wedding.

Jenny Leigh said...

As a seamstress, I'd like to offer an alternative solution to hot glue or superglue. for something like $1.99 per yard, you can get this amazing fuser called Wonder Under. It basically acts as a "glue" and fuses one fabric to the other. Here's how to use it:

Lay the Wonder Under paper side down on your ironing board.

Lay your fabric with the pretty side up (facing you) on top of the wonder under. (The scratchy, glue side of the wonder under should be snuggling with the ugly side of the fabric)

Iron over the pretty side of the fabric. There should be instructions with the wonder under regarding heat settings.

Your fabric is now basically a giant iron-on patch! Flip over and trace out your pattern on the paper side (in reverse, of course) cut out, peel the paper off, lay it out on your dress, and iron away!

ta da!

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