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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Registry Recommendation

I don't talk much about the consumer side of weddings, but I couldn't resist sharing a product that is revolutionizing my life (in case you think it might be helpful to you and you want to add it to your registry): a giant cutting board!

For as long as I can remember, I used small cutting boards. And I had to have multiple cutting boards because they were small and couldn't hold much. Then I watched a cooking demonstration and saw how the chef was able to chop multiple items all on one big surface. Revolutionary! When Matt and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond in search of a plastic tray for making popsicles, we spotted a giant cutting board for $30. He saw me staring at it (I hadn't yet told him about the cooking demonstration and my resolution to buy a bigger cutting board). He blurted out, "We definitely need that." I didn't even have to use any persuasive techniques or cajoling!

It's definitely bulky, hard to move around, and it just barely sits in our sink on the diagonal to clean, but it's still worth it in my book. I should mention that Matt and I are vegetarians, so we don't have to worry about mixing raw bacteria thingamabobs with our other food. If we did cut meat, I would probably get one of those plastic mats with a chicken logo on it that I could easily put into the dishwasher.

The other downside of having a giant cutting board is that I can no longer carry it to the stove and scrape my stuff directly into the pan. I might need to invest in some little scooper things (that's what the fancy chef did). Hmmm....

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Hana said...

Had to laugh when I read your post - I just got a cutting board just like yours and I love it!

Love your blog!

E. said...

I have a big cutting board and I love love love it.
Those scooper things aren't that great, but what we use, and LOVE, are the OXO prep bowls - they come in a set of 4, have nonskid rubber bottoms, and you just put all your ingredients in them as you chop, then dump in the pan. It's awesome.

Ms. Bunny said...

My aunt got a giant cutting board for me for Christmas. It gets soooo much use. I kind of love it.

Sarah said...

Oohh, I like our four little cutting boards, especially when all I need to do is slice cheese or some fruit or something.

BUT in a similar vein, another registry item that is great is a Misto oil sprayer. It's basically a reusable Pam (the oil spray). We have two-- one for regular oil, one for olive oil. Cuts down on trash and you can use olive oil!

Anna D said...

I felt a little weird about registering for gifts until I now was the time to stock upon non-toxic, high quality products to replace the nasty Teflon hand-me-downs I have been using. It turned out that finding toxic-free products was really hard! If other want recommendations, I wrote about it here: http://watoxics.org/toxicswatch/bride-to-bpa

rosemeg said...

Bench scrapers also work great for scooping and transporting, and they come in really handy for scraping benches, too. I mean counter tops -- scraping counter tops when working with sticky dough.

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