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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY: Living, Growing Scrapbook

For those of you who have oodles and oodles of photographs on your hard-drive but haven't yet figured out what to do with them all, you might find this easy-peasy recipe for making a living, growing scrapbook helpful.

Here's what Matt and I do:
  1. We bought a regular binder from an office supply store. We spiffed it up by putting an image from an old Nikki McClure calendar inside the plastic cover.
  2. While we were at the office supply store, we also bought a bunch of sheet protectors, white cardstock, and double-sided tape.
  3. Every time we return from a trip or have a new set of photos that we want to add to our scrapbook, we upload them to Snapfish, search for a coupon on retailmenot, and have the photos delivered to our house.
  4. Then we use the tape to adhere the photos to the cardstock. We write a few words on the page (nothing fancy! just functional...). Then we slip the cardstock into a sheet protector.
  5. Voila! It's such an easy, low-pressure way to create a tangible record of our lives together...

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amie said...

What an easy/fun idea!

sheba said...

loved this the first time you posted about it [i think on feed the soil], but still haven't started it. best part: it takes away the pressure to make it aesthetically *perfect*. thanks for the reminder.

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