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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dress Giveaway

Hooray! Kindred spirit, Jennie, is giving away her much-loved and full-of-joy wedding dress to one of you. I almost had the opportunity to meet Jennie while Matt and I were on our Annual Adventure, but we didn't make it to the most western part of Canada.

Here's what Jennie has to say about the dress:
I was the second bride to wear this dress. I bought it online from another bride who had a wonderful, happy day wearing it! It is white taffeta with a sweetheart neckline accentuated by a beautiful beaded lace feature and beaded lace straps. t fits anywhere between a size 6 to 12 because of the lace up back. The back panel can be easily removed if you don't want to use it. I am 5'4" and I wore flip flops with it, but it would work with a bit of a heel as well. I found the dress very light and comfortable to wear. I had a perfectly wonderful day in it and hope that another bride will too!

If you'd like the opportunity to score a free wedding dress (you just pay for shipping), please leave a comment explaining why you want it. Jennie will pick the winner.

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Unknown said...

This dress is stunning! I haven't seen anything like this before. Love the interesting detail around the bust and the flattering A-line silhouette. Beautiful!

Mayumi said...

Not looking to score a dress (I'm wearing my mom's!), but this is extremely generous of you to do. I love the neckline and lace straps. It is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it.

Brigid said...

That dress is beautiful! It's so flattering and special without being over the top.

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

As a newly-engaged single mom, I don't have that much $$ to spend on a wedding dress for my upcoming wedding. It would be an absolute blessing to be able to win my wedding dress, and have a little more $$ for the actual wedding or honeymoon! They're both going to be small as it is.

Thanks for the chance! :)


Amanda said...

what a wonderful idea! maybe i should do that with dress! i'm not having that much luck selling it... how cool! and generus!

Unknown said...

Hey! I love your blog! (new addict) This dress is stunning on you. I would love to win it as well. My future hub and I will have to settle for a courthouse wedding since we are both in the military. With military pay checks and being away all the time working we can neither afford or have the time to plan a big wedding. If I win this dress I would also pay it forward by donating the dress.

Even if I don't win, thank you for your donation to the deserving bride. If only more people were willing to make things a little easier for their neighbors!

Mary said...

This is such an awesome idea! I don't really have a need for a dress just yet, but if I did, I would be all over this! :)

Randa said...

This is such a beautiful dress! I think anyone who is lucky enough to get this dress will look amazing on their special day.

Personally, I would love to receive this dress because it's just so beautiful. I'm planning on getting married within the next two years so it'll be a while before I could fully benefit from it. My husband-to-be and I have been together for three years and have gone through everything together. We're not looking to have a big expensive wedding - not only is it not our style but we're both currently students. When we get married, he will be [hopefully] in his first year as a chemistry teacher in a high school and I'll be wrapping up my masters in school counseling. With all those expenses, a wedding dress is going to be our biggest setback to getting married. Plus, we're already looking beyond the wedding and we want to save up money for other life goals - buying a house, starting a family, etc.

This is so gracious of you to give this opportunity! And you looked beautiful in that dress. Thanks for the chance!

mrndeverclear @ aol . com

Issy said...

Wow that's generous! I suppose I would love to win it for the same reasons as everyone else. We are having a budget wedding £5000 ($8000) wedding for 150 people. But your dress would have a lovely holiday as we are getting married from my home on the Isles of Scilly. (Tiny island- off the coast of Cornwall, England)

Anonymous said...

My sister would appreciate this dress. She just got engaged and as a single mom it is extremely hard for her to keep her head above water, let alone pay for a wedding. This would be a HUGE burden off of her. We have no parents to help her out, no extended family either. I'm helping as much as I can but I have my own family of 6.

This dress is exquisite BTW!! :)

Mallory said...

It's a little too early for me to get a dress at the moment (not to mention I think your dress would be tea length on me ;-) ) but I just wanted to say what a generous thing you are doing, Jennie. Thank you for thinking of the $2000 wedding blog followers to pass your dress down to.

Boo1987 said...

This dress is absolutely stunning and you looked absolutely beautiful in it. I'm a recent grad who is moving across the world to teach (my dream). We're both very laid back and are looking for an outdoor wedding...and as a 2000 dollar wedding follower, I want the focus of my wedding to be on the joy and celebration of our love, and the coming together of our families rather than how much $ we should be spending.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea and how very gracious of Jennie to shower some random lucky woman with such a beautiful wedding dress!

I am due to be married in November of 2011 in Sedona Arizona. I would very much enjoy this dress as the only thing that I've decided I want in a dress is a lace up back!

I have two children that my fiance' is adopting - which is very expensive. We live in Colorado and traveling to Sedona will be expensive as well. I want to give my family the best presents and thank them for all that they are doing to help make the wedding of my dreams come true for next to no money at all - through their kindness and generosity I will be able to have an ecofriendly/green wedding which is very important to the both of us.

I would love to upcycle a dress and would even honor the new tradition of giving it away! When I've finished wearing it on my happiest of days I will give it away as well.

I am happy to hear of your joy and the previous wearers joy as well. Love rules all! All you need is love!

Michelle said...

I would like to be considered to win this beautiful dress because I am in need of a wedding dress thAt will fit into my wheel chair. When I first got engaged I bought a big huge pouffy dress. I never got to wear it because my leukemia relapsed months before our wedding. I am left with a lot of nerve damage that has resulted in me being wheel chair bound. I need a new dress with a slimmer body and your dress is perfect, Thank you for your consideration!

Downtown said...

Thanks for the giveaway.I'm getting married July 2011 after postponing our wedding 4 times due to finances.I'm trying hard to get a job.I have 4 kids and I had to stop working in 2008 due to a family emergency.It's super hard planning a wedding on one income.I love that dress.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad I found this blog and this gorgeous dress!

Please please please sign me up to win this dress. I hope to be married in the next month or two because we have a baby coming (I'm only 10 weeks so I am not showing yet) on the way. My fiance lost his dad at age 7 and his mom in Feb. 2009 so we're planning a small intimate wedding with our close family and friends. Likely either at the courthouse or possibly at the Mall of America Chapel of Love. If your current winner doesn't respond, I would be honored to wear your gorgeous dress on my special day and would be happy to share my pics with the blog also. Have a good day and good luck to all the girls who are trying to win this amazing dress.


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