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Thursday, August 26, 2010

E-mail Updates

Matt and I are heading to Indiana for the wedding of our good friends in a couple weeks. I can't wait!

As the date approaches, however, I find myself asking Matt questions like, "Do we need to book our hotel?" I have no idea what our itinerary is for the weekend, where we'll be staying, what day/time the ceremony is, etc. Matt doesn't usually have a satisfactory answer to my questions. I know I could find all the information on their wedsite. But usually, I'm away from my computer when I think of such questions (typically, I'm brushing my teeth), so I forget to visit their wedsite and I remain in the dark about what's going on. [Editor's Note: I just visited their wedsite and all my questions have been answered!]

All of this reminds me of the beauty of the e-mail update. A couple of times leading up to our wedding, Matt and I sent an e-mail update out to our guests, with information about how to book the hotel, how to coordinate carpooling from the airport, and links back to our wedsite. I know e-mail communication with guests is usually taboo (it's impossible to letterpress an e-mail!), but I find that it can be a really good way to help guests keep tabs on the logistics of a wedding.

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Angie said...

we did a few email updates and it really helped us out. although we had a website with all the information, it was good to give folks a nudge or a friendly reminder.

i think the online handling of wedding stuff is becoming less taboo. even our older guests were saying how easy it was for them and how user-friendly everything was.

i think it's important for people to remember that when you're designing a wedding website and using online communication with people, it has to be designed for everyone and not just fellow tech-savvy folks. (and yes, we learned this the hard way. when our site when live we actually forgot to put the date/time/location. haha!)

Kassi said...

Hooray for being in Indiana! That's where I am. :) The weather this weekend is supposed to be terrific! I hope you two have a great time during your visit! I'm sure Matt knows of great places to go if you have free time, but if not definitely look up the Indiana Travel Guide. There are always free festivals going on somewhere.

Jessica said...

I'm an Indiana reader too! Which city are you headed to?

Agreed - the weather has been and will be WONDERFUL!

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