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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Registry Recommendations

It's funny how many parallels there are between planning a wedding and preparing for a baby (see this post about parallel industrial complexes...). As I finish up my third month of pregnancy, I find myself needing to create another registry. Oy vey!

When Matt and I were getting married, we used My Registry. I find the site to be a little busy and difficult to navigate (especially for guests who aren't as technologically savvy). I've also used Alternative Gift Registry to create classroom wish lists. Although I find it easier to navigate than My Registry, I didn't find it as easy to add items to from my end.

As I start to put together a baby registry for loving and caring family members and friends, I'm wondering what else is out there. What online registries do you recommend?

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Diana said...

I've found Mywishlist.com very easy to use, particularly for making multiple wishlists (I keep ones for each of my children, mostly to help remind me as well as one for each area of home-ed).

Paige said...

We love Amazon registry. Amazon has a wide variety of products anyway, but they also have a universal wish list button that allows you to add things from other websites. Plus, I think it's really well laid out and easy to use.

MyRegistry.com said...

Hi, Sara!

We happened to come across your blog and wanted to let you know that MyRegistry.com has been optimized in the recent months. We cut back on the number of windows that prop up on the purchaser's end and we have made positive changes to the edit gift list page as well as the member home page. Additionally, the visitor view been enhanced for a more favorable user experience.

We listened to the feedback we were receiving from registry users and applied their requested changes to the site. We hope you will find the site much easier to use this time around!

Please do feel free to contact us at assistance@myregistry.com with any questions or suggestions. We love hearing from our registry holders! Congratulations on all these wonderful life events! :)

Kindest regards,

The MyRegistry.com Team

Carly said...

whoa... i'm kind of impressed by the comment from MyRegistry.

Sarah, I'm looking for a good registry site to, I'd be interested to know if you find anything new!

(regular reader, not-so-regular commenter)

sheba said...

i'm impressed with the myregistry comment too!

i used kaboodle b/c i could pull things from different vendors and each item would link back to the actual store but it would keep my list updated when someone purchased something.

Rachel said...

I've been using Wishpot and it is fantastic. You can even download a toolbar (or extension for Chrome) and add any item from any site. For most items, the price is automatically updated if it changes. You can add tags, descriptions and notes and rank things in order of want/need.

This is my first registry and it is great!

Unknown said...

Hi there,

I am also on the hunt for a good registry service. My fiance and I would love to register for some "big ticket" items. Like some people out there, we are in desperate need of a nice couch- but can't afford to spend a whole lot right now. If we could register for say, a 2000 dollar sofa and break it into smaller increments, perhaps 50 units of $40- that would be perfect. But I don't know of any easy way to do that.

If you have any ideas- I'd love to hear em.


Unknown said...

We are now huge fans of the baby registry. It is amazing how much people will buy if they see you need it.

Steph said...

another amazon registry fanatic here. most people have amazon accounts so its super convenient for them, and with the universal registry option you can add stuff from other websites like etsy. SO... you can be convenient for others and still support work at home moms:)

Hoppy Bunny said...

Here's another vote for the amazon registry! The Universal Add button makes it as easy as surfing the internet with your Do Want Goggles on ;D

A-L, said...

Though they gear themselves toward wedding couples, the I Do Foundation seems like it might be something you'd be interested in. So long as you provide the links to your account that I Do gives you, then the vendor will provide a percentage of all purchases to the charity of your choice. Amazon does 4%, Macy's 3%. The slight annoyance is that when your friends click on the link it won't go directly to your webpage, it will go to the registry's search page where your friends have to put in your name. But I think the inconvenience is worth it when I think about the money going to charity.

Unknown said...

Has anyone registered for gifts of time using any of these sites? We haven't made a registry yet, and we're not quite sure how to do it.

We would like to find a registry site where we can have both a traditional registry with things like plates and we can also create a "gift of time" registry where our friends can sign up to volunteer on an afternoon house project with us instead of buying a gift. We may just have to list it and ask people to email us if they are interested.

Any ideas?

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