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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Dress Giveaway!

I'm trying hard not to turn this site into one big "Dress Giveaway," but I love this dress that Erica so generously wants to give away!

She's looking for someone who is trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding. She said, "It's very important to me that this bride is doing everything within budget to have a 'green' wedding and minimize waste."

You just pay for shipping. So simple!

You can read all about the dress here.

If you want to enter to win, please explain why you want this dress in the comments section and leave your e-mail address so we can contact you if you are the lucky recipient!

Also, if you have a lovely dress you would like to pass along to a kindred spirit, please let me know! Unfortunately, I can't feature every dress that comes my way, since I like to space them out, but definitely be in touch!

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Eleven Cubed said...

This is such a gorgeous dress, and just the style and size I'm looking for!

I would like to wear this dress in my wedding because I would like to reuse a dress rather than buying one new from the store. There are many beautiful dresses out there that have been worn only once or bought and never worn. I would like to give a dress a second chance, and this won't only help my tight budget, but also send the message that it is ok to buy things second hand and there is no shame in it.

I plan to have a very eco-friendly wedding, again, not only because it will help me stay within my budget, but also because I believe it is the right thing to do. I plan to use things I already own and get very creative with what I have to make my wedding very special and very "me."

Again, the dress is gorgeous and I would love to give it a second chance!


Heidi said...

Oh my gosh your dress is BREATHTAKING! I love the elegant trumpet style that you chose.
I would adore the chance to wear this dress. My fiancee and I got engaged two months ago and right after that I was laid off from my job, so I've been trying to plan a budget-friendly and eco-friendly wedding ever since.
Im planning on serving local seasonal food, I am going to grow the flowers for my bouquet right in my backyard, my fiancee is making our rings out of old quarters, and I'm looking at thrift stores to create my own centerpieces rather then buy new.
I am over the moon for your dress and I would love to wear it on my wedding day!

Unknown said...

i love this dress!!i found your site because i am doing a DIY wedding and i googled it and found YOU! and all i can say is WOW!!!! you have saved me a lot of moolaa.. i have a budget of $2000 buckaroos. Nobody thinks i can do it...but i am!!!
We are getting married 04.16.2011. Our whole wedding is DIY and eco friendly. It's really amazing what you can find now a days for eco friendly ways. I am having a blast planning this wedding. i am growing all the flowers used. i found a great site that has eco friendly candles and wedding favors.
my family is making all of our food which is all seasonal and local! YUMMY!!
i am hoping to get a reused dress or an eco friendly one.
i am using seeded paper for invitations.
we are renting all of our dishes, tablecloths, & napkins so we don't use resusable ones.
we are offsetting our wedding due to many of the family memeber are flying in. our wedding reg will be for arbordayfoundation & for two other charities we are yet to name. and i could go on FOREVER!
i lala love this dress!!!! = ) big smiles!!
thanks for the consideration!
Much love & peace!

Unknown said...

we are renting all of the table cloths, napkins & dishes so we don't throw away anything! we also will have recycle bins set up. = )
oh i can't wait to see which lady gets the dress! this is way exciting! thanks for doing this!

Christi C. said...

Wow!! This is a blessing you are providing to one lucky bride.
To me, this dress is perfect. It's the exact shape and style I have been looking for, and people think I am crazy to only have a very small dress budget (its basically non-existant).

To me, marrying my future husband, the atmosphere & special occasion for the guests and memories for a lifetime (photog) are the most important elements of my wedding. I'm not worried about the dress, because I know my FI will think I am beautiful in whatever I wear. I've contemplated wearing a pre-owned dress for sometime now, because I don't believe in wearing a dress just once and keeping it stowed away the rest of my life. I'd love to wear this dress and then pass it on to another lucky bride to be.

Not to mention, as before, this is exactly what i've been looking for and its perfect for my 9/10/11 wedding!

Thanks SO much for all you do! :)


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