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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Docs for Collaborative Project Planning

Our wedding thank you cards: the inspiration for our birth announcements

I know Google Docs is nothing new to write home about, but it continues to be such a useful tool whenever I undertake collaborative projects (like wedding planning, baby planning, etc.). I had to sing its praises.

On this month's project plan, I need to figure out how we're going to do our birth announcements (I'm not due until February, but I imagine I won't want to worry much about them as the time gets closer...).

I wanted to give my mom and my "bonus mom" (i.e., my mother-in-law) a chance to upload addresses of people they would like us to send tangible announcements to, as well as people they would like to receive an e-mail. I created a shared Excel document and e-mailed them the link so they could add away!

Also, a friend of mine recently shared her baby project plan. She had columns for "tasks," "due date," "doer," and "status." That way, she and her partner could work on their respective tasks but have a centralized place for agreed upon due dates. Also, they could monitor each other's and and their collective progress with the status column.

So helpful!

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Kristin said...

I can't shut up about Google Docs either! It really is the best thing ever. I don't know how I would have planned my wedding without it!

The Quixotic Bride said...

You should also check out Google Wave. It integrates nicely with Google docs. I am using it for long distance wedding idea collaboration with my mom and best friends.

Cristin said...

What a great idea! My fiance and I just moved to Australia and are getting married here in a little ceremony. We want to send wedding announcements after the fact, and this sounds like the perfect way to let our mothers - who are in the U.S. and Europe - help us collect addresses and let us know who we should send them to. Thanks for this suggestion!

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