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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mexican Fiesta

When Matt and I were planning our wedding, my best friend, Andy, said something along the lines of: "Why can't people plan weddings more like they plan birthday parties?"

Matt and I tried to take that advice to heart by striving to plan a meaningful and memorable celebration that was also fun. As a result, we found ourselves holding lots of wedding "traditions" under the microscope and asking ourselves, "Do we want to keep, modify, or toss out this tradition?" It was both liberating and scary-as-anything to realize that the choice really was ours.

Now that our wedding is under our belt, we are focusing on birthday parties. Matt's is coming up in November, and he started with a single idea: he wanted to get a pinata made of himself (kooky, I know). I suggested we throw some sort of Mexican fiesta, and now the idea has evolved into a bouncy house and a taco truck. I'm ecstatic! Of course we'll have to price everything out and see what we can make work. We'll probably end up DIYing the pinata and the taco truck (somehow). I'll keep you updated!

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Pip said...

That sounds like SO much fun! The taco truck is an awesome idea.

Jennie said...

Maybe a taco station instead of a truck? You could even do it potluck style and ask one friend to bring a bunch of diced tomato, another to bring shredded cheese, etc, etc.

Nina B. said...

I'm pricing out taco trucks for our wedding!

My mom had one at her divorce party and it was a hit.

Hm. Just realized how odd that sounds.

Therese T. said...

That sounds SO cool, Sara! Mmmm, tacos.

Chica de mente ocurrente said...

i can give you a lot of mexican recepies!

Bonnie Joy said...

We're getting a Mexican food truck to cater for our picnic wedding! And let me tell you- Mexican food trucks are few and far between in NZ :P Have fun planning your fiesta!

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