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Monday, October 11, 2010

DIY: Wedding Bunting

Last week, I was exploring all my options for making bunting for my baby's zero birthday (coming up in February). This weekend, I decided to get started on my handmade holiday decorations. Some bunting was in definitely in order!

I ordered this pattern from an Etsy seller. Even though bunting is very straightforward and there are lots of free tutorials, I really wanted to learn how to do the clean fabric ribbon at the top. Plus, the pattern only cost $6.99, so I decided to splurge.

I had the worst time wallowing in indecision at the fabric store. Since I was making holiday decorations, I wanted to use "holiday" colors, but I couldn't bring myself to use the standard red and green Christmas colors. Also, I needed seven fabrics that coordinated with one another. Me, oh, my!

I finally decided to go with a gray, white, black, and yellow scheme (although I fretted about the fact that it would not coordinate with the warm oranges and teals of our house decor). Then I had to spend way too long finding a fabric for the letters. With uncertainty, I selected a red fabric with yellow and white polka dots. I worried that it would be way too busy, but I also felt like the yellows of the polka dot fabric connected the red to the other fabric.

I don't know. I went with it.

In the end, I had a lot of fun making it. The best part about the DIY process was thinking about how I was creating something that our family will use year, after year, after year. It reminded me of a NOEL Christmas decoration my mom always hangs. I called her to ask if it was made by my great-grandmother. It turns out that it was. I got a little misty-eyed thinking about how I am carrying on the crafting traditions of my family.

Hooray for handmade goodness!

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fashionlande said...

It's really cool!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE that fabric :)Yellow and Gray are my wedding colors.

Julie said...

i'm gonna take a guess that the flags are just sandwiched inside the fold of bias tape because this is how i make mine. in case anyone else was wondering about having a clean line at the top!

Unknown said...

very festive!

lizzie [ten thou bride] said...

Purdy project! Great tutorial!

Ms. Bunny said...

It's awesome! You did a great job.

senoaji said...

great idea! Gone are the days when the wedding reception was thrown by family and friends of the couple, at

the house of your rich great aunt or garden of the neighbourhood farmer and everyone brought a

dish. Of course the whole affair was a little simpler then, moved a little slower, and people had

more free time. It may just be that your friends do not have a lot of free time to devote to a

lot of DIY projects. However, in your guest list there are those that are just waiting to be

asked, to be more involved in your special day. They may not be immediately obvious, but they are

there. Avoid asking those that have young children, have work/school full time, or other

responsibilities that keep them from seeing the fun that can be had. Maybe your friends have

retired parents, or bored teenage daughters. Also, talking excitedly about your DIY projects

helps to inspire others. Keep the hype up

mariam said...

hi sara! you inspired me to buy this pattern and my girlfriend and i spent new year's eve making a bunting that says"give thanks" on one side (for our huge thanksgivings) and "happy happy" on the other side (for all other festive occasions. plus we had some friends over and filled out a tweaked version of your new year's reflection form, then collaged! thanks for all your genius!

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