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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Day Fire

This Portland couple knows the true meaning of wedding day stress. Their apartment burned down, hours before their wedding.

They were planning on catering their own wedding that afternoon, and John was in the middle of making their cake when the fire in their apartment building started. They lost several handmade musical instruments they were going to use in the ceremony, as well countless other possessions.

They celebrated their wedding, despite the impact of the fire.

Duska and John: I'm so inspired by your resilience and your love! I wish you the very best with your marriage.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help with your post-fire recovery!

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Wedding Cake Lady said...

Truly Inspirational. That is what love is. Strength. xx

Kristen said...

Wow - all I can say is *wow*. When reading this I just thought it was beautiful that they went on with the show - that their love and commitment for each other is so strong that not even losing their home stopped them from saying "i do." That is what it is all about in my opinion.

I live in a community that was rocked by fires and many of our friends lost everything. My heart goes out to them. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. May you heal together and may this experience make your love even stronger.


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