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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Staying Grounded (Over and Over Again)

As I try to do everything in my power to prepare for the birth of our first child, I worry that my tendency toward Type-A planning will actually hinder my ability to let go and be in the moment when it comes time to deliver.

When Matt and I were interviewing doulas, I asked one of them, "How do I open myself to the process of birth and live in the moment?"

She said, "It's a decision that you make over and over again. With each contraction, you have to decide to open yourself to it."

Her response was such a relief! The idea of deciding to be open to each moment over and over again really resonated with me.

I think the same advice can be applied to weddings. Throughout the process, you have to decide over and over again to stay grounded. It's not something that many of us can simply do at the outset. It's a process that we must work through over and over again. When we face new obstacles or emotional crises, we can re-decide to stay grounded. When we are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless tasks or hurt by something a family member said, we can decide all over again to stay grounded.

And then when the day arrives, we can decide to let go of the stress. We can decide to let the day unfold--mishaps and all--with mindfulness and faith that it will all work out in the end (with full knowledge that any mishaps will make great stories!).

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