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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Worthy Weddings, Nurseries, and First Birthday Parties

I've been spending a lot of time browsing the blog ohdeedoh for inspiration about how to create our baby's nursery. Although I love the creativity, I am slightly disconcerted about the trend toward "blog-worthy" weddings, nurseries, and children's birthday parties.

Whenever we feel pressured to create something and then take pictures of it that are cute enough or creative enough to be posted on a popular blog, we run the risk of losing sight of what really matters. If we spend too much time making the perfect bunting or the perfect party hats, we inevitably take time away from other, potentially more important tasks.

I'm not suggesting that spending any time on pretty details is useless. I have been known to spend hours making Happy Birthday bunting or a holiday countdown calendar (and then I post pictures on my blog!). I just think it's important for us to make informed decisions about why we're spending times on certain details. Do they bring us intrinsic joy or do they simply bring us external affirmation from strangers on the internet?

It's a question worth taking the time to ask!

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Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

Yes, I think this is a *really* important question to ask! I found even Faceobook was doing this to me for a while. Instead of just living like, I found myself thinking, "oh, this would be great to post on Facebook!" yuck. After I had that awareness, I pulled back from the oh-so-addictive Facebook and started just doing my thing again. Awwww. deep. breath. It feels good! :)


Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

oops, a few typos in there, but hopefully it still makes sense! I meant to say "instead of just living life," and I misspelled Facebook :) I am still working on that first cup of coffee!

Adventures Along The Way said...

Yep. Really good point. I have been thinking about these issues for a while myself too and wondering what the implications of it all are in the long run...

Unknown said...

This post is an example of one of the reasons why I read your blog. It helps bring me back to earth. Thank you!

Marian said...

I completely agree! It's easy to fall into the trap of doing things because nameless and faceless (or not so nameless and faceless) people will think it's cool, interesting, creative, whatever. Lord knows I've thought about this, and I've done my share of things to try and get internet fame, but it's not worth it if that's your only reason. Lately I've been trying to do things strictly for self improvement (or the improvement of the people around me). I may or may not blog about them, or post them to fb, but if I do it's because I'm d*mn proud of what I did.

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