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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Postcard from Our Wedding

Matt's dear grandfather recently passed away of cancer, and I was looking through all 2,000 of the photographs our friends and family uploaded from our wedding in an attempt to find the perfect picture to print out for Matt's dad.

While I was sifting through everything (you can read more about how we got so many photos here), I found this photo from our Welcome Picnic. Our Welcome Picnic was such a fun event. As people started to arrive on Friday night (most of our guests were traveling from out of town), they joined us for an evening of sandwiches (we did a make-your-own-sandwich bar), watermelon, chips, pickles, board games, a swing dancing lesson, hot-tubbing, volleyball/Frisbee/football, and just hanging out to chat. It was such a casual way to ease ourselves into our wedding weekend. It also gave us more time to mingle and chat with all of our nearest and dearest.

In this photo, my two cousins and my brother were sitting on the couch together. I randomly decided to lay across their laps, and then Matt came along and added to the pile. So fun!

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